Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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In answer to your question, I don't know of any atheists who are anti same-sex marriage. More than likely, some atheist(s) somewhere does/do not support this civil right for same-sex couples.
Thanks, I'm new to posting :-)
You're welcome.
I have an upcoming piece in gay & lesbian humanist magazine that touches on this same thought: That the only logically sound argument against gay marriage is religious, and that since the premise is flawed there must be no good argument against. I'll post about that again when it publishes.
Oh, is the magazine only for gays and lesbians? No bisexuals?
Psh, bisexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals don't exist. Everyone knows that. :P

(that was sarcasm, btw, something that is often lost on the internet. I'm a proud panromantic asexual)
Next time you seen Pan, tell him I think I left my knickers behind his couch.
Oh, those were yours? I gave them to the parrot.
My uncle believes that marriage should be reserved for couples who have the ability, however far-fetched, to produce a child. I pointed out that my former roommate's girlfriend is infertile, which would mean that he didn't think that they should be able to get married, but he countered that since there was the remote possibility of her having a child, that they should be allowed to marry. He feels that since two people of the same gender can't accidentally produce a child, they shouldn't be able to get married.

I don't know my uncle's religious status, but his argument is secular.
It sounds to me like a religious argument doing acrobatic contortions in order to sound secular.

He obviously doesn't really think that the issue is reproduction, or he would agree that your infertile girlfriend should not marry.

His issue is clearly with homosexuals.

Ask him how he stands on an elderly couple, unable to have children because the woman is post-menopausal, getting married. Ask him whether a young woman who has had a hysterectomy should be stopped from getting married? Ask him whether a young man who has had his testicles removed because of testicular cancer should also be stopped from marrying? Watch him squirm.
I've actually brought up some of those points (my brother's girlfriend has had both ovaries and her uterus removed), and he still maintained that, because she had at one point been capable of bearing children (two from her ex-husband), they should still be allowed to marry.

He claimed that children do best in households with both male and female role models, citing himself as an example; he claims that because his father was absent during much of his youth, he ended up with far for feminine traits than he would have acquired if his father had been in the home. I pointed out that my father, his older brother, didn't get any of those "feminine traits" that my uncle says he got (I've never observed anything feminine about him, personally), and asked how that happened. He didn't really answer me clearly.

I don't dispute that children do better with role models of both genders (but I believe that close friends and relatives can fill those roles easily), but I did have to point out to him that studies have shown that children raised in same-sex households only differ from children of opposite-sex households in that they're more open to different sexualities, and they get teased more because of their parents. He claimed that all studies have an agenda, a bias. The conversation changed back to politics before I could point out that, according to what he'd just said, the studies that found children from homes with both genders are better-adjusted are also biased.

I do agree that his issue is with homosexuals. He was raised Jehovah's Witness, I believe, but he's never done anything religious that I can remember. My father isn't very religious, but he still acts more religious than I've ever seen my uncle act.

Then again, some religious values tend to stick around so long that they become societal values. *shrug*
I could produce a child, but I'd hate to get put in jail for kidnapping.




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