Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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Jacqueline, I've been a member for a little over two months now and put my two cents in here and there. What I find very encouraging is when someone (like Chuckie) drags out a thread well past it's "sell-by" date, there's an overwhelming number of members who really are reasonable, rational people - just like yourself. I've also noticed these mega-threads tend to be one person (like Chuckie) arguing some moronic point and everyone else is trying to reason with them. I'm learning to avoid these threads (although it's fun to lob a backhanded insult at the moron - I've read and enjoyed yours).

I'm sure there's many discussions on A/N you've had that don't end up in the crapper. Don't let some trolls end those other discussions. Some people, including me, will miss your comments.
Strategies ? The sheer number of people that took this idiot seriously in the first place need to take their fair share of the blame. They are just as responsible that the level of CRAP generated achieved the level that it did. Critical thinkers ? Really ? Here ? A Britney Spears forum would have reacted to such blatant flame-bait with more intelligence than we have. You can't "implement better strategies" for dumbness.

I feel soiled.
There is a freeway full of theist carcasses here. They were dealt with appropriately. Yet a common homophobe apparently is more difficult. I see no difference between the two. As I said, half the damage is self-inflicted.
Maybe I'm immature enough to not be able to resist a tussle, but I for one enjoyed a good portion of Charlie Chek'm's visit with us. I made some new friends, got to do some research, learned quite a few things, and when Charlie-boy got to be too much, I walked away and came back when I was calm enough to handle his idiocy.

Please note that very few people descended to the wailing and name-calling that were inherent almost every single one of Charlie's posts. I suppose that, just like Charlie apparently thought that he could change OUR minds if he screamed enough, we thought that if we reasoned enough, we could change HIS mind. It's how arguments go. *shrug*
I agree with you on this, but don't be too holier-than-thou. You were't able to stay away either. I tried and failed. So did you.
And your point is completely valid. THis troll was fed until it burst.

I hope.
"The sheer number of people that took this idiot seriously in the first place need to take their fair share of the blame."

Unfortunately, non-theism is not a cure for gullibility.
Wheeeee! seems like we're still going on this one. I think the members of A/N have been hoodwinked by this half-wit. Ok, we're trusting and love to discuss things. But.....FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST....this has to end.
Who's been hoodwinked? Long threads like this give people an opportunity to begin flexing their critical thinking skills, even if the person "debating" them is not being rational. I see a lot of good commentary/resource links here that would be useful in a summary of how to combat homophobia.
Hey all, I have banned Charlie (at least temporarily) until we can make some changes in our policies.

I posted more information about this issue here:

Oh, THAT'S why all his posts have disappeared. Sigh. I had SUCH a good rebuttal, too.

But I still love you, Brother Richard. ^_^ I hope the policy issues get kinked out soon.
Atheism is only the belief that it is very likely that there isn't a god or gods and you go on from there. Atheism doesn't mean that everyone who is an atheist will all have the same life beliefs. Our lives are all different and each nontheistic person will have different experiences in life and have different philosophies. I personally do not know anyone that hates gays and is an atheist. The 'hate' for homosexuals comes almost entirely from people who fail to understand evolution and science, and base their understanding of the world through their narrowminded religions and gods.




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