Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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Bwuahaha! :D :D :D I plan on buying at least one child. People look at me strangely when I say that, and I have o explain that, technically, when you adopt a child, you exchange money in return for the child. That's buying the child. :D
Wait for the BOGO (buy one, get one free) offers if you want more than one.
Do they come with a set of steak knives?
For the barbeque?
Yeah, but these days BOGO means Buy One, Get One Half Off. Whatever. Psh.

Hmm, I wonder if I'd get a discount for multiples? Two for one, three for two, that sort of thing?
See, THIS is humor.

What's the return policy?
Only pure, unsoiled product can be returned. It has to be in its original packaging, with no wear-and-tear at all. It must be the same size and weight as when you first received it. Any product with modifications made will not be accepted as returnable.

Kids = they're serious business no returnable.

I hear they are cheaper by the dozen.
You rang?
I know a Buddhist Daoist who calls himself an athiest [he believes in ancestor spirits] (as though Buddhism and Daoism were somehow miscible) who opposes gay marriage solely because it makes him uncomfortable

note: Daoism should have informed him that he should not oppose anything.

I called him selfish and left it at that. That drove him fucking mental.
Thanks Jack. My new word for the day is "miscible".



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