Do Atheists, Nontheists, Freethinkers, et cetera, Make New Year Resolutions?

This one doesn't.

I don't divide myself into an Inside who tells an Outside "Don't do that", and an Outside who  does "that" and needs someone to blame.

New Year resolutions are for religious folk. They need guilt.

Eschew guilt!

Better, screw guilt.

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You're right! Apart from that there's no time like the present - when I decide that I want to make a change I do it instantly.

Don't jump to conclusions Plinius. ''Fools rush in where angels fear to tread'' (or something of that nature), William Shakespeare. When you decide it's time for a change it could just be time for a rest.

I'm foolish enough, but I'll stop when I find out I made the wrong decision.

Not especially, no.  I may make plans or set goals for myself which I would LIKE to attain, but exactly NONE of them are set in stone.  For instance, I wanted to spend a lot more time on my bicycle last year, but we had the third rainiest June on record, and the rest of the summer wasn't much better.  You ever try booking down a rain-soaked road on 700x23 tires?  Trust me, such activity can frequently be followed by an involuntary trip to the Emergency Room!

Good point, Tom, and well said. I used to make them years ago and fell away from it mostly. A year is a sort of mile marker, and I want my next year to be no worse than the last. If it can be better then so be it. I'm not pushing myself in any way or "in training" for anything. Just trying to be happy.

No. Always thought they were silly. If you want to do something, like travel, exercise, learning something new, research it, and then do it. Promising you're going to do something simply for the sake of making a resolution is, to me, like the kid promising his mother he will be a better child after getting his/her hand caught in the cookie jar. But with a resolution, it's not your mother you're bullshitting. It's yourself.

I like to do a year's end reflection on the past year's memorable events and think of what I would like to accomplish in the next year. There is nothing binding, just being alive, awake and aware of what I am up to, 2013 was my year of cancer, 2014 was a year of renewal, 2015 was a year of injuries, loss of independence and health problems. 2016 is the sale of my home of 40 years and settling into my new home with Laura and Larry, getting Cary settled into a place that pleases him, finding good homes for my books, experimenting in my new greenhouse, and building memories with my six great-grandkids. I will be 80 years in January; I wonder what their lives will be like when they are 80? 

Just hope for the moment they get that far Joan.

I don't make resolutions per se, but the long nights of winter provide a natural time for reflection.  I look back on how things have gone, try to discern patterns and determine whether there are things I ought to change or continue.  I don't see that as dualistic -- just taking stock.  Oh, and I do celebrate January 1st -- partly because it's my birthday but mostly because after that my neighbor's damn Christmas lights come down.


January 1 is one hell of a birthday, Ted.

I've heard that a horse becomes a year old on that day, no matter its actual date of birth.

Since that's probably for racing purposes, I suppose people who raise horses for racing try to get them born as close to January 2 as possible.




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