I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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What is more important than supporting the dignity of other humans and animals? Once the visor of religion is removed we have less excuse to stand by and do nothing than does a deluded theist.

By supporting those that need defence we add value to our lives. 

Ape, is it me, or is that comment difficult to understand?

How so?....Is it the animals part......I am a militant vegan.....or is it just my lack of punctuation?  cheers.



why are u a militant vegan?

i havent eaten animal flesh or excrements/secretions for about 21 yrs now...

but i GUARANTEE the reason i dont consume animals is different than yours...

and i SHUN labels...im not trying to be cool..i just do what works for me.

animal rights? lol

i have brothers in india africa south asiasouth america, central america australia.. that eat ONE SQUARE MEAL A WEEK, but i should be concerned about squirrels?

cart before the horse...

i have yet to see a bird or a dog in wilderness sufferring to find food and shelter...

however 80% of the humans on this planet suffer that plight...

but we should be concerned with dogs and cats?

i assume you do not have any children....

we sure do.love your words xxxx

As atheism is unorganized and defined by disbelief rather than belief, it's a badly-formed question to ask what atheists believe in. I would say quite a few atheists do support homosexuality, however, because many of us try to think using rationality rather than belief and almost every reason I've heard to oppose homosexuality is based on religion.


the mere FACT that the TERM atheist is an ACTUAL TERM implies organization..and disbelief and belief are the SAME! they both require DOUBT and both exist because of a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE..

if someone asks you are you mistercliff do you say " i believe so" or do you say "yes"?

belief requires doubt..and thus atheism is STRUCTURED and systemic.

regarding the reasons to oppose homosexuality..

why oppose it?

why support it?

should we not assume that people who are copulating, are doing the BUSINESS OF ADULTS?

why do adults need support?

children need support...

this is some true crybaby shyt...

when you see young able bodied teens on the sidewalk begging for cash..the general response is "get a job" or " take care of your own responsibilities"

yet when we reach adulthood, all of a sudden we are not supposed to be responsible for our choices, and need to be SUPPORTED BY OTHER ADULTS?



as well how about this argument for opposing homosexuality namely ANAL SEX...

do you use your hand to wipe your ass?

do you shit into a plate or into a toilet bowl where your shyt is immersed in water to diminish the ODOUR of the TOXINS that came out of your ass which we call feces or shyt or dew dew lol

if you have children..did they wear diapers?


did you clean their asses with our hand? or did you use wipes of cloth or paper?

ok..so if weve been trained to AVOID SHYT since we were small and then got toilet trained and still keep SHYT AWAY from our bodies..

does it make sense to put ones penis into the shyt source?

why do we use toilet paper again?

cause shyt is DIRTY...

real simple.

now please try to find the dogma there..

the religious doctrine.. lol

we can call it the doctrine of dooo dooo

If any smoking hot ladies wish to practice homosexuality with me, I fully support it!

Pegging!  Hot!

Do I dare to ask?......actually I think I got it.......falic substitution...I think........no comment .....no carry on nothing to see here....lol.

Is that the same as "packing"?


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