I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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You appear to be using support in a fashion that may not have been intended. 

I think you may require the support for your weed usage from another adult with a law degree, should the authorities place you under arrest. For if you are convicted, you would then become ineligible for student loans, public housing (in the event you become physically disabled), or other Federally-supported benefits.

The issue at hand is the governmental power being applied to punish certain behaviors. Support, in this instance, means attempting to have those laws and regulations changed.

Homosexuality was a criminal act in several US states until 2003. In several of them, it was a felony. Gay people were until this year routinely drummed out of the military. Multinational gay couples are forced to split now because deportation laws are hemmed in by the Defense of Marriage Act.

These are all instances where support for changing these laws is good public policy.

And for the record, even though I have never once in my life smoked marijuana, I believe it should be legalized and sold openly next to the Michelob and the Marlboros. I have even written my legislators regarding that topic. So you have my full support, without my participation.

Exactly.  Nafir must live in a place where smoking and growing pot is totally legal.  If not, he will just have to tell the authorities that he is an adult and has made an adult choice that has nothing to do with him.  That should work.

"So you have my full support, without my participation."

Well said, Sir!

When society in general persecutes and ostracizes people it is not just those who are the victims that need to speak up!

Yes, the best way to protect your own rights is to support the rights of others.

Wouldn't it be great if religious people just got on with their life and stopped hurting other people as they are the true evil in this world.They have all these rules (from a book) yet they are the first to brake them but thats ok because the magic men in the sky will forgive them.what a joke.

I think I saw that book on special at the cheap shop......they were running out with the other old books of irrelevant stories....for less than the cost of the paper I might add.......and here I am thinking toilet paper was going to be expensive this week........

love it...

it would be great if religion was done away with...in my OPINION


for a LOT OF PEOPLE, the fear of "hell/hades" is the only thing stopping them from making a VICTIM OUT OF YOU...

and this is the reality of man management..

everything is the way it is supposed to be, and will be so until its not supposed to be.

I still have problems understanding why gay people would want to get married anyway, actually I have problems understanding why anyone would want to get married at all. It costs a lot of ridiculous money for a simple ceremony and a piece of paper. It is simply a tradition that we have held onto for centuries. I also consider it a religious tradition.

Simply my personal opinion on marriage, but I also have a problem understanding christian gays. I cannot fathom the fact that they would believe in the almighty when he has a huge problem with them, or at least his followers do. But that is my atheism talking and a personal view.

In this modern world we are able to live in a relationship, legally, without the marriage ceremony. I guess I have more of a problem with traditions than any thing else. We hold onto traditions like they are sacred, when in fact they are nothing more that a habit that we have gotten used to.

I whole-heartedly support the gay movement, but am quite tired of the marriage debate. I just seems ridiculous that people object to something that will not affect their lives in any way shape or form. Really, what harm will come to you if the gay couple next door are married or not? they are going to do their thing regardless. It is not as though the opposers are going to wipe out homosexuality, if people feel that way they are going to do it so let them be.

Humans - always and forever making mountains out of mole hills.

It has nothing to do with ceremony.  Anyone can have a ceremony.  It is a legal issue.  If you aren't aware of the legal benefits of being married as opposed to co-habitating or just being in a relationship, than you are extremely uninformed and I don't even know where to begin.

YOU clearly are ignorant of the law.

what is a LICENSE?

a LICENSE is an instrument permitting one to do something that is normally PROHIBITED.

who was PROHIBITED FROM GETTING MARRIED about 200 yrs ago?

chattel property...

wards of the state

children of the state


thus the requirement to get LICENSED to be tied to your partner in the eyes of govt, should clue you in to your actual status as a "citizen"

you should be careful when talking about being uninformed, if you yourself are uninformed..

if you would like the actual legal definition of license go to the blacks law dictionary volume 4 and look it up

I know that some liberals are against gay marriage b/c they are against marriage in general or because they think gay marriage will pressure gays into being "imitation heterosexuals" instead of having different kinds of relationships. Still, people should have the choice.

As someone who married an immigrant, I think of how if someone is in a relationship with an immigrant of the same sex, their partner can be deported and there is nothing they can do. This may be an obscure reason to most people but for me it is the strongest argument for gay marriage.


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