I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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I am sorry but your question is tasting of naive bigotry.

Atheist tend to support fairness based on rationality.

It is not rational to persecute someone because of whom they fall in love with or to whom the feel attracted to.

Homosexuality is not the issue it is respect for a fellow human being.

It is none of your business. or indeed anyone's, on who does what with whom...unless you are a sick sexually inadequate voyeuristic type.

It is most telling that those that rant and rave and condemn the loudest are sooner or later caught doing that which they apparently despise.

More a question of mental insecurity and pretending you are something you are not then being a righteous jackass.

Homosexuality is the target for all small minded and ignorant folks...religion, every branded cult,  typifies the intolerance and hatred these folk suffer.

I expect small minds enjoy bullying and oppression...gives them something to feel proud about hating.

Even better when they can pretend their fictitious sky fairy tells them to do it...absolutely disgusting behaviour by the  'self bragging morally superior but mentally stunted clowns of 'faith' ' and so much more repugnant then genuine love between two people.

The attitude held by some religions sets them apart as anything but humane or indeed civilised.

But that aside that is not why atheism tends to support gay rights...we do not have to because they are simply RIGHT.....end of story...pity the haters the discriminators and agressors have so little understanding of reality and life in a wonderful world...they miss so much beauty by their dogmatic blind and bigoted intolerance.

When personal remarks are made in a discussion, it means that the other party does not have much to say so it is time to quit. I am therefore quitting this discussion. I remain firm in my opinion that if homosexuality can be cured medically, it must be done.No body has given any reason to show why this is can not be done.

When social issues are discussed, some controversial issue is always likely to come up. It is impersonal and so no personal offence should be taken. OTHERWISE, TAKING OR GIVING A PERSONAL OFFEENCE BECOMES A SURESHOT WAY TO STOP A DISCUSSSUIN.

Your "impersonal" topic was itself a personal attack on every gay person on the planet.

This very comment implies that up to 10% of the population must undergo change therapy in order be acceptable to you, personally: Change therapy for with there is no evidence of curative value, and because gay people as they are have been shown to live quite productive lives that contribute to society, an act that itself would prove detrimental to society.

Would you have all Left Handed persons undergo "change therapy"? All people who have synesthesia? All people who are asexual? The only thing your opinions suggest is that you have sexual anxieties that can only be quelled by harming others.

I suggest you examine the "Social Order" in Massachusetts, a US state where Gay Marriage has been legal since 2004: The state has among the lowest divorce rates in the US. Their health insurance coverage is near universal. The state has the second lowest teenage pregnancy rate in the country. These are the kinds of goals many more "conservative" states can only dream of.

You have every right to wimp out of a conversation. But if you have an opinion that requires the oppression of a huge portion of the population, you had better have incontrovertible facts to back it up. It appears that instead you have nothing but your own prejudice.

I remain firm in my opinion that if homosexuality can be cured medically, it must be done.No body has given any reason to show why this is can not be done.

Even if this could be done (which I seriously doubt), I take exception to the word 'cured' as if this were a disease.

And just why 'must it be done?  Shall we seek to cure you of whatever your sexual predilections are?


I remain firm in my opinion that if homosexuality can be cured medically, it must be done.No body has given any reason to show why this is can not be done.

Right, everyone knows that if you can't disprove something that means it's true.

And have you given a reason why it must be cured?

madhukar - I think you may be misunderstanding the culture in the west regarding homosexuality.

 I think many reasons have been put forth to support sexual equality in this thread.

If you dislike gays so much why is it that you wish to turn them straight and have them contribute much more directly to the gene pool?

  I also ask another question do you eat animal products, Are you environmentally aware, Are you in favour of education access to all what ever the sex. As these are far more important issues to me.

 I don't actually have any openly gay friends, but if someone shared my values or even just challenged my mind I would befriend them irrespective of the particular sexual preferences they held, I actually feel a little bland because I don't know enough people of different lifestyles and preferences of all sorts. Why are you so intimidated by diversity of sexuality, I suggest you replace your disscust with curiosity and understanding.

hey ..just sayin for the record.

"cure" is a word that has many associations with it.

what sexual orientation has to do with the "atheist nexus" is beyond me

the amount of foolishness i have read on these forum boards regarding homoseuality and sexuality in general is quite alarming.

I never would have thought that in a place where rational thought and EVIDENCE was supposed to be paramount, that there would be soo much ignorance, speculation, and unfounded drivle.

i made a statement saying that if the planet turned homosexual then there would be no more people on the planet...

this statement while TRUE AND FACTUAL, garnered some attention from people who were trying to allege that i was against gay people lol..

its like saying that albinos have recessive genetics.. am i against albinos?


why is it so important to PROVE to others WHY you do whatever you do?

that is the HEIGHT of insecurity in my opinion and experience.

and dont worry bout "personal attacks"

you are on the internet, cyber bullying is a phenomenon that i do not acknowledge..

if words on a screen directed at a pseudonym can stop a discussion...chances are the discussion had limited merit.

"why is it so important to PROVE to others WHY you do whatever you do?

that is the HEIGHT of insecurity in my opinion and experience."

I can not speak for everyone in the thread you reply to but I know I am a married straight and so to is Alice..So we are not biased based on personal motive just ethical defence of others and correction of bigotry.....( not to verbal you alice but I think you would agree )

The statement that "if everyone was gay people would go extinct" is NOT true or factual. Being homosexual does not mean the person doesn't have a functioning reproductive system. Gay men have donated sperm, and lesbians have gotten pregnant via sperm donation. These are things that have ALREADY happened, and that is what would happen in your speculative world of everyone turning gay.

Why the obsession with this extremely unlikely, hypothetical scenario of everyone turning gay anyway? Doesn't seem very logical to me, and not very relevant either.

Meanwhile, as humanity is currently at 7 billion, let's think about things that are actually happening. Humanity going extinct is not currently a danger.

I see a lot of projection in what you have written. And abuse of the concept of "logic". You have merely replaced "God is on my side" with "logic is on my side" when in either case it is your own opinion.



so wait a sec...

your logic implies that homosexuality is nurtured..and not natural...


be careful..the ice is thin and very slippery.

again..when you have to go to extraneous methods have offspring , due to a CHOICE you have made, it is very telling about that choice...

its like crying over spilled milk...

if you CHOOSE to make your bed, then OTHERS have to pick up YOUR SLACK and create sperm bank and test tubes and surrogates etc..

i am not saying that it is wrong...

but if i say " i hate niggers" and expect africans to support me, wouldnt that be assi9?




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