I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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That is a good argument, but here are some others-


Joint parental rights of children, status as next-of-kin for hospital visits and medical decisions, crime victims recovery benefits, domestic violence protection orders, automatic inheritance in the absence of a will, public safety officers death benefits, spousal veterans benefits, social security, medicare, joint filing of tax returns, wrongful death benefits for surviving partner and children, child support, estate and gift tax benefits,  welfare and public assistance, and joint housing for elderly.

it certainly is ridiculous that so many things can  be effected for a minority and still not be classed by some governments as discrimination...Ours in Australia for example....But today we won a little of the battle. ( GO PENNY WONG YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!)


heres a site that you may find soome actual factuals on instead of making erroneous claims


your apparent knowledge of this realm is EXTREMELY limited, but common.

"I have problems understanding why anyone would want to get married at all."

Then you haven't really thought it through. Let me give you an example. In my case, we are an international couple and living as single people had an enormous impact on inter-country tax, healthcare issues (not to mention kin status should one of you become ill), insurance liabilities, and residency statuses.

It has nothing to do with religion. It has nothing to do with tradition.

It's not far removed from a business partnership.

Gay people want to marry for exactly the same reasons that straight people do. And we agree that because there is no reason not to see them as equal in a civilised society that right should be extended to them also.

As to how gay people can also be christian, given the bible's animosity toward them, I don't know. But that's for them to worry about.

I guess it is just a personal thing for me, I am simply not into the 'idea' of marriage when couples can just live together, as I did with my 'husband'. As for having to get married for a business partnership as you have noted, this too seems silly. A ceremony, religious or not and a piece of paper doesn't really cement a relationship. Having that relationship in the first place is the real agreement - consenting adults etc etc.  Over time we have seen many cultural traditions come and go, we try to hold on to some but after a while we forget them after they are gone. Sorry, I am quite the bah humbug type of person.

I actually went to a wedding yesterday. They were getting married because she was pregnant and to them it was the right thing to do so the baby was not born out of wedlock. These are the wedding ceremonies I refer to and why I consider them religious, also during the reading the paster had noted that this was a union before the eyes of god.

A lot of people have non religious ceremonies for legal reasons, but still one that is not necessary as in most countries, common law or de facto relationships are just as binding and just as messy in the end. I still do not understand the practice but as I said I am a bah humbug person.

My wife and I had a secular wedding outdoors at a lookout with a non-religous celebrant and It was the best thing I ever did. there may be many other ways to display love and if that works for you thats fine but just because a church used to be a religious building doesn't mean it wouldn't make a nice museum, I see weddings the same way for people. It is a way of taking a bit of history and using it in a meaningful modern secular way. It is very important as a way of claiming acceptance in a lot of families and validation of your love for another. For this reason I can totally understand why LGBT would wan't to get married.

It's about equal rights for all.....  other than love - it's about inheritance tax and other stuff.....  if your room mate dies you don't automatically inherit their money - but you do if they are your wife/husband....  the law sees a gay couple as room mates - not partners....  it also effects tax laws and other laws regarding couples... as well as adoption laws in some places... and gay people also sometimes want to have kids and perhaps choose to adopt.

My posts just went in all the wrong places.....now thats kinda like "pegging" isn't it Doc'.....lol

Sometimes places that seem wrong turn out to be right:)

too true.....

really!  i think that we have divorce to due to lack of commitment and support from family and friends..... it might be cultural also.....  but maybe it's the new way of being.... not mating for life, but serial monogamy....  perhaps that's ok too...  we're not designed  - we have evolved and so don't need to stick with one way of doing things.....

What kind of support do you need form anyone but your other half to have a successful marriage. Other than legal support of course. I see no problem in serial monogamy, But I still think it is indicative of a lack of constitution, A flippant life is fine and its anyones choice but I think they are missing out on structure that could help them become more stable ( If stability is important for them personally.). However I say non of this as judgement, I just think marriage is a good tool......Its just a shame about some of the TOOLS using it!!


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