I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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Namaste Madhukar,

Though I being a straight, I do not find anything wrong or wierd to be attracted on same sex. Its not at all important for me if homosexuality is been opposed by any religion or not. But opposing homosexuality means favouring inequality, which is also a conservative thought. Atheists are liberal & free thinkers & we do not support any conservative thoughts for whatsoever reason. So according to me Atheist should not oppose homosexuality, but supporting homosexuality should depend upon every person's perspectives.

I support not supporting the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic divine views on homosexuality

The more I think about this, the more ridiculous it is that we are even having this discussion.  Instead of using a label like "homosexuality" as some arbitrary distinction, let's take a look at what we are really discussing.

Mutually consensual intimacy.

It's absurd to discuss whether this should or shouldn't be supported.  Nothing in life is more important than love.  Even survival of the species is undesirable if we cease to enjoy our existence.

Why are we pretending like the cause of homosexual attraction/behavior actually matters?  It doesn't.  The truth is that searching for the cause can only be beneficial or neutral for the gay movement, no matter what the findings are.  People will always deserve the freedom of mutually consensual intimacy.

Agreed ....Sexuality is a broad array of complex emotions and physical acts of which one facet is actual physical penal-vaginal intercourse. So why even bother concerning yourself that two people in love may be limited to one less mechanical act yet may gain other possibilities. Do you go and quiz your neighbours on which type of act they will perform tonight. Love is expressed in many ways ....get over it!......or under it...or onto of it....or in it...or up it.....etc .....but mainly.......


"OK, I just can't resist. Jesus in a dog's butt, from Brazil. Pareidolia personified. I won't send this to my Christian friends, LOL!"  

An atheist has recently posted this photo in a discussion. Is this how we show our dissent?  To my mind, this shows a total lack of decency.


Lol....that photo of jesus is a remarkable likeness of a dogs anus....and just as full of sh*t.


When you call someone else's sole expression of love for another human an curable illness...You will evoke these responses....I think you are offending others far more than a pic of a dogs arse...

Madhukar, throughout the years, superstitious christians (redundant?) have announced the miraculous appearance of the image of Jesus, or Mary on everything from tavern doors, to tacos.  Then begin the shrines, and pilgrimages.    In many cultures dogs are held in the lowest level of scorn.  To be called a dog, or strangely, a shoe shine boy, are the worst insults.  Here, we like dogs.  To me, this image is a marvel and a MIRACLE!  Praise Jebus!

besides it is better looking than the front end of many humans.....I second jebus's praisability

Agreed.  Recently, in my very own town, some catholics found mary in a splash of bird shit.

To me this is not at all indecent.


If anything it is a satirical look at religious pareidolia. But yes, it's what some people might consider to be 'toilet humour', but your dislike of the image has nothing to do with atheism per se, only to do with your personal tastes. It's not even about whether of not the image is moral or immoral; it's just about personal taste.


This may be a cultural consideration, Madhukar, but I have to say your views in general are coming across as quite reactionary, at least to me. But that's ok, that's your opinion and if you don't like the image that's fine.


You seem to want to apply to (conservative) moral code to atheism, but atheism doesn't function like a belief system. You're treating atheism as if it were an ideology or a religious or political style belief system.


Atheism simply means not believing in god. Atheism is primarily not anti-religious organisation with a political manifesto; it is merely the absence of a specific belief among a wide number of very different people across cultural boundaries.



I had at first thought you had had this photo posted after one of your comments in another thread as a humorous retort to your antigay comments. I now realise it was just the photo itself you object to. I personally am amazed and beginning to think you are perhaps a covert theist trying to preach in an atheist forum. Are you serious that you find this pic in general offensive?.....you really do have a problem with the anus don't you. which is ironic give the kind of sh*t you have come out with in this thread.

no "j's in amaraic

y'shua translates to joshua

prior to 2nd council of nice there was no "jesus christ"

that council was convened 325 c.e


although this is a humorous attempt..the mere mention and support of the "jesus" bullshyt works to the advantage of judeaochislamians..

which in turn works to the disadvantage of truth.


this urge to "find" jesus is akin to finding the polkaroo or the snuffalupagus or the frikkin smurfs


the sooner we abandon that piece-o-shyt-paradigm, the better.






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