I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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lol...agreed...I have been told about that...

LOL I love it!

I think homosexuality, and sexual orientation in general, is a naturally occurring spectrum of behaviors. There may be a genetic component, it may be developmentally determined in the womb, and there may be some childhood imprinting to it.  It's not clear.

My guess is that the complex action going on during fetal development is the most likely determinant.

Charles - that was a way better explanation than mine.... :)

the first occurrence of homosexual culture in written script was the chronicles of grecian travelers who traveled into egypt, when they arrived in egypt, their habits were shunned, and they were exiled to the isle of lesbos...

they were not killed..

but they were not "accepted" in the general population..

this was also something perverse to the ancient indigenous people who inhabited the cradle of civilization, and they kept it AWAY from the eneral populace...

when one takes into account that the majority of greek philosophy is stolen or borrowed from egypt, yet homosexuality was shunned, should give one some insight into why greek philosophy is so popular why egypt has been shunned ( the bible has only negative to say about egypt)

and how homosexuality became so widespread...

either way

everyone grows at their own pace, and ones person path to enlightenment may be extremely different than anothers..

a person may have to be tortured

a person may have to be wealthy

a person may have to be homosexual

a person may have to be an amputee

a person may have to be poor...

to reach enlightenment

this is why judging people is highly fallacious

judging actions however is part of the day t day.

Anyone who is homophobic is probably gay.

I come from a democratic country where everybody is equal.

Is the writer a nazi?

I think generally homophobic individuals are probably not actually gay, But very sexually insecure and generally insecure people. What ever the truth, they need to rethink the cruel position they hold.

I wish this thread would disappear from the sidebar.  I unfollowed it but the only way to avoid it is to not look at current threads.  Maybe we should start a thread on whether atheists support heterosexuality.  Heterosexuality IS the major source of many diseases, the scourge of overpopulation, global warming, and resource depletion, and the marriage of Kim Kardashian.  In general I support heterosexuality, honest I do, but please keep it out of my face.  No public displays of affection, please.  I will try to avoid crackpot theories on why so many heterosexuals think their way is the only way; on why they think that all sex and affection must have reproductive potential; on whether people are born hetero or socialization makes them that way, on why so many heterosexuals think that "natural" is good, when 99% of us would be dead if not for unnatural medicine.  i know that most animals are mostly heterosexual. Big deal.  Most of them also don't have the internet, cant read, and cant run for political office.  George W Bush, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Perry are all heterosexual.  Do you want to be like them?

Sentient Biped, You mention that most animals can't run for political office.  Sweetee - ;-)  neither can we -atheists!  It's something more important for us to work on, than this anti-gay rant.


talk about silly....



global warming? lol turn off that television lol

resource depletion? lol heterosexuals fault? lol

keep heterosexuality out of your face?


so i guess when you see two dogs humping they should be jailed or put down lol...


lots of "probablies" round here...


no one has to support heterosexuality homosexuality or ANY ADULT CHOICE.


why are adults trying to get support from other adults?

are they starving?

has their nation been economically sanctioned?

has their been bombs dropped in their dwellings?


oh...so again

why should any group of adults SUPPORT another group of adults, soley based on an ADULT CHOICE they have made regarding HOW THEY HAVE FUN?

ass-i9 allocation of time space and energy

Won't someone please think of the kittens?!?!

"No one has to support heterosexuality, homosexuality, or any adult choice." Most people here have said they don't "support" homosexuality so much as support the rights of people to live as they wish.

If any group is having their rights to live as they wish threatened, such as--I don't know--being killed under Sharia law perhaps, that is grounds for people "supporting" them beyond just leaving them alone.

Madhukar has said that homosexuality should be cured. That would be taking adults against their will and doing something that someone else thinks is for their own good. Sounds a lot more like babysitting.



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