I have noticed atheists coming out in support of homosexuals. Do some feel that supporting homosexuality is a necessary part of atheism ? Or, do they support homosexuality simply because religion opposes it? What is the attitude of atheists in general to homosexuality? Where homosexuality deserves support and where it should not be supported?


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Wow, I have said that.

With 9 billion people on the planet, there is no danger of extinction if a few million are gay.  what a stupid argument.  rights for people who are gay does not presuppose that homosexuality is the norm.  that is an argument that bigots use to persecute gays.

anyone who thinks that religions dont persecute gays is either lying or joking.

anyone who says that gay people cant care for children is sheltered from the many gay people who do care for children.

this argument is unsophisticated and uninformed.  It's amazing in its lack of logic.  No well formulated argument, no facts, just stupid things that people say as excuses to persecute others.  




I think he was also insinuating "think of the children!" in there somewhere. Kids don't think that there is anything unusual about homosexuality until they are given that message. As a kid I remember asking why men don't marry men and why women don't marry women. And I remember other kids being similar until "gay" became a mysterious insult word, and I didn't know the actual meaning of it until later.



i thought that this forum would be a little more actual factual and detail oriented than it has proven to be.


we both speak english..it is actually my mother tongue, if you think that i am being unclear ( ie insinuating) please isolate the phrase in question and ask me what i meant by it.


i dont think i used complex vocabulary anywhere in this forum as yet.


lemme know when you found that " think of the children" thingee you are referring to...


in actuality i said that ADULTS make choices and as an ADULT one should be responsible for the choice and the ramifications associated with said choice.


that is not really insinuating anything.

that is a plain statement.

if you disagree with it, that is cool, you have the right to do so

the argument...if you care to read was if everyone..

not a minor fraction...


obviously it is a minor fraction... and i dont have a prob with any fraction within the whole... even theists lol


nature persecutes homosexuals...

nature is waaay bigger than you or me..


i dont care what a person wants to do...as long as s/he isnt a cannibal, i could really care less how a person chooses to grow.

growth is particular to the one growing.


go back and assess the actual position..

here it is again


if EVERYONE on the planet was gay, there would be no progeny.


progeny is never a result of homosexual copulation...


refute that if it is so unsophisticated.


if you can locate a portion in any of my posts where i condemn homosexuals, please do so

if you can locate a portion in any of my posts where i say that homosexuals can not raise children, please do so


if you can not..

then scroll up and heed the message of simple simon

nafir and MADHUKAR, what are you guys so worried about.  If you are concerned about sexual feelings you may have for men, relax.  It's OK!  But speaking disrespectfully about gay people to distance yourself from your feelings is not helpful.  Usually, straight men do not share your exquisite curiosity about the sex practices of gay men.  Lots of information is available on other sites to help you answer any questions you may have about your feelings.

I was thinking the same thing.

i hope not.  that would be way too scary.  meanwhile, time to "un follow".  This is way too ignorant for me to think I can contribute anything.  when the same old shit is promulgated for the 10 millionth time, by the willfully ignorant, it's best (for me) to keep away from the baiting and leave.  How dumb I can be, to respond to such ignorance.

wise words.....

Lol......Thou protests to much!

im not worried ...

worrying bring warts :P

i merely stated fact...

people seem to have gotten their undies in a bunch because i said that homosexual relations result in NO PROGENY...

i didnt know this was breaking news... i really thought this was an understood...

if ANYONE can pull up ANY statement of mine that condemns homosexuals, or ANY OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE, please do so...

if not, realize that someone is using political strategies to MARKET a specific erroneous idea...

that idea being, that I NAFIR NUN said something defamatory about a group of people.

when asked to present the material in question...seems like NO ONE has been up to the task..

i expected more from a forum called atheist nexus

No! I don't support homosexuals.I support reality and has nothing to do homosexuals. Worrying about it takes time from more important things. If I were prejudiced it would be because i'm not and don't understand but then I don't have to.




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