Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

My area looks golden.

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The town I live in has a population of about 100,000; I don't know how many supermarkets were in town before 2008, but after the Meltdown, one of the biggest chains in SoCal closed at least two branches, including the one closest to me.  (With the best bakery.*shee-ite!*)

Since then, two different smaller chains (one specialized in "organic" mdse and high prices) have tried to make a go of running that store, and nada.

Nobody is going to invest in something as large as a modern supermarket if the customers aren't there.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that the poll had something to do with the "Family Values" morality police.  And who knows if their statistics are honest.


Polls and studies can be slanted and suppressed. 

There was an infamous study back in the 1960s that compared the driving skills of regular users of marijuana, and social drinkers at 5 different levels of "intoxication."  It's never been published because it didn't show the "right" results.  Drinkers became unsafe drivers at the lowest level...one drink.  Pot smokers were MORE alert, with faster reaction/reflex times, wider peripheral vision, till they got to level 5. 

The only reason I know about it is that one of my favorite writers typed the report to help pay his college tuition. And when he became a respected, award-winning writer, he wrote about it.  Nobody cared.

So pot is still illegal, and the FDA is still saying it's a "gateway" to heroin, and people who really need the stuff for medical reasons are being denied a useful and safe anti-nausea drug...and harassed if they are able to get some. S'Not fair!

It isn't fair. 


And, don't we need more bars than grocery stores?  I need a selection to choose from.  I need the gay bar, the bar I visit for live music, the bar where I play pool, the bar with the lake view, the bar where everyone is older than me, etc:)  I only need one grocery store...

Good point. But I use different grocery stores too. The one that's best overall, price-wise and quality-wise doesn't carry particular products we consider essential.

Understood.  I have lived places where that was the case, but here we have an awesome (IMO) Texas based chain and I can't imagine shopping anywhere else.  I freaking love going to the store.

Interesting about that research. That's the way politics intersects with science in this country.


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