Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

My area looks golden.

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Not for me- I am golden too!
Wow, surprisingly, I am golden, too!

Now, if you were to choose "Where churches outnumber bars AND grocery stores", that would be Detroit :/ It's ridiculous how many store front churches there are around here.

I haven't seen a map like that, but yes.

Damn!!  Look at Illinois and Wisconsin.  Kind of embarrassing.  Lots and lots of bars.  At least the metro-Chicago area is golden.  And I guess there's not much to do in North Dakota either but go to bars.     

Red for my area. The real question is this. Is there a map that shows the number of bars compared to the number of churches? (If so, hope I'm still in the red).

This is the closest I've found, the number of tweets for "beer" versus "church"

Hurray! My county is slightly  "more beer than church". Thanks, Ruth.

Actually, Pat, for my area, it might be more like the number of party stores compared to the number of churches.
I'm somewhat surprised, yet I'm not. My county in Michigan is red, meaning more churches, but they must surpass bars/grocers by a slim margin...

Ruth, thanks for the graphics :)

Loved the quip about the bar numbers not corresponding to the heaviest drinking, which is obviously in the South and Southwest.  Do you suppose this has anything to do with the fact that this is the Bible Belt?  Around here, we have a saying: Show me four Baptists and I'll show you a fifth.

Maybe they just Tweet more about beer in the South and Southwest, while those in Michigan are too busy drinking it.

Are there still states that have various forms of "county option"?  When I was on the road more than 50 years ago, it could be very confusing...where you could drink, where you could be served only 3.2 beer, and where any alcohol was totally forbidden.  Oh, and there were places where you had to buy anything stronger than beer or wine at state-run liquor stores, and then take the bottle to a private club where they would open it, and store it with your name on it.  You weren't allowed to take an opened bottle to your own home or hotel room.

We got "busted" once in Amarillo for having a party in the wrong wing of the hotel where we stayed...the building straddled the boundary between city and county.  [shrugs] Nobody told us.

I also noticed that in places like Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (where there are a lot of ethnic Germans, Danish, etc.), that there were a lot of small neighborhood taverns that also served as social clubs...did those count as "bars" with whoever did the counting?  I've always thought of a bar as a place that served everything, and a tavern as "beer only."  I also wonder if the "census" included restaurants that serve beer and/or wine with meals. 

Oh.  There was another funny incident when we were on a train that had to lock up the bar car when we were going through a small patch of Canada on the way from NY to Detroit.  It was only for an hour or so, and we thought it was silly.


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