This is a conversation I'm having with an extended family member, a Southern Baptist. His response to that is this:
They both go back to father Abraham for their roots. Sarah a free woman represents Christians (New Covenant) and Hagar a slave woman represents Muslims (Old Covenant).
Sarah's son promotes freedom and Hagar's son promotes slaverly.
Christians promote freedom to worship all religions and Muslims promote
the Old Law of slavery and hatred and yes ... "text_exposed");''>See MoreChristians tend to fall into this hatred and
obeying laws sometimes. This is why Paul was so hard on the Jews
because they kept trying to mix the law with freedom. Moses gave them a
tablet written on stones (old), but Jesus gave us a tablet written on
our hearts(new) which promotes freedom from the law. Christians are
under only two laws.

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In retrospect, I can see why this may be too broad if a generalization, but accurate, IMO. Although my knowledge of the bible has increased exponentially since becoming an atheist 5 years ago, it pales severely compared to his, my brother-in-law. I'm not sure how to respond to that. Anyone care to contribute their biblical knowledge or express an opinion about my initial statement?
Hi Pam,
very interesting conversation. I'm afraid I don't know enought to really help.
Perhaps more specific questions would help?




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