Earlier last month a chaplain in Australia sent me an email requesting a change in date to deliver mass to students on campus.

Today I get another.  This time I'm being invited to give a liturgy at a school.

From  xxxxxxx@Sjvdow.edu.au to" xxxxxxx.xxxxx@gmail.com" date 08 August 2010  06:42 Subject: Firday Mass  (2 hours ago)

Fr Richard

I have attached our Liturgy planning sheet for Mass this Friday. This week
we have written the Prayers of Intercession in light of the units we have
been working on in class ie. The Catholic Church in Australia & Creation:
A gift from God. Last week the stage 3 children also participated in the
"Village Space" program on Global justice issues.

Kind Regards

Vanessa Taylor

Hello Vanessa,

I am not Father Richard.  There has been some error and the email intended for him has instead been delivered to my in-box.

I don't mind, it's not a problem for me however you might want to review your contact information for this priest, as this marks the second time I have received details from his itinerary. As I told Malou the sender of the last email who I presume, is connected to you somehow via Father Richard - the poor man must wonder where all his mail goes.  I suppose there must be some similarity in our names?

In any case I am an atheist, and don't believe in the creation of Australia or anywhere else nor in the power of intercessory prayer, or the redemptive power of Jesus Christ which makes my getting the liturgy plan a bit redundant. So, delighted as I am to be mistaken for a priest not once but twice in my life, I think it suits neither of our purposes nor Father Richard's if I continue to be kept in the loop.

As it happens, The Pope is paying a visit to these isles later this month; I'll be sure now to go tell him you said 'hello.'

All the best

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Easy mistake to make I suppose. Just stop giving out the sacrement on the sidewalk, and it'll all even itself out.
It's a cracker...
Switch it up! Use a Ritz and some whisky, then tell them their god is a lie. Ritz makes anything better. The whisky gets them drunk.
Fr Richard,

Multiple personality disorder. Your other personality is a priest. Don't let it bother you too much, it's not in your control, and bit better than having a serial killer as an alternative personality.

Actually, with the right collar, you might look like a priest. Let us pray.
I love your response, but I certainly would have offered to come share your point of view with them, too! :)
I did think about asking if they wouldn't mind footing the bill for the flight - but figured I'd taken polite wit about as far as was reasonable without crossing over into being cheeky. ;^)

But thanks! :^ D




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