Okay, so I posted this somewhere else .. SO SUE ME! It's too much fun NOT to have out there!

[Loren revs up his best infomercial sales voice] NOW! You can make your own church signs, too at:


It won't slice, dice, or make Julienne fries, but it'll will take any text you want, blasphemous or not, and create a believable looking church sign for it! Just look at these marvelous examples:

And let's not forget:

That's right, folks, you can even use four-letter words and get away with it!

So don't delay, do it today! That's:


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Very nice!  That's a keeper.

Referring to somerecent news articles.


Maybe a priest blessed their Brita pitcher!

No shit! Or rather, holy shit!

Holy Shit that's funny G Cat!

I was saddened to learn today that Ryland Sanders, creator of the church sign generator, had passed away three years ago after a struggle with COPD. (more at MetaTalk) He had also created the "God Hates Shrimp" site, and blogged (with plenty of secular sanity!) at A Boy and His Computer and on Tumblr.

God always discusses your future and his own before he acts on anything. Is this crazy or what?

Here's a church I went to for many years, then I finally woke up.

So that's where the Christian fish symbol, the ΙΧΘΥΣ "ichthus" inscription, Catholics eating fish on Fridays, and so on and so forth, come from! All this time we've been misreading the deity's name! (Intentionally, or just for the halibut?)

Snopes.com reported on the argument that supposedly took place on two churches' signs, starting with "All dogs go to heaven" and "Only humans go to heaven; read the bible". Both "churches" were in fact two of the default styles of the church sign maker!

I think that same sequence was posted elsewhere on here some years back.  It was a hoot back then and it remains a hoot now!


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