Okay, so I posted this somewhere else .. SO SUE ME! It's too much fun NOT to have out there!

[Loren revs up his best infomercial sales voice] NOW! You can make your own church signs, too at:


It won't slice, dice, or make Julienne fries, but it'll will take any text you want, blasphemous or not, and create a believable looking church sign for it! Just look at these marvelous examples:

And let's not forget:

That's right, folks, you can even use four-letter words and get away with it!

So don't delay, do it today! That's:


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this would be a great sign for the atheist headquarters!
These are a few I made.

If you don't get the second one, its a joke from South Park.
This site was so fun. Thanks for posting.
Tree Fitty! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! This is priceless!
Haha, now I must go and watch that again.
Damn Nessy. :]

DAMN LOCH NESS MONSTER dressing up like a church!

About The Rapture:

I like.

MAJOR standing ovation for "Our Lady of Disapproval: If it feels good, don't do it."

Too true, and too awesome!


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