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Strange question from a nonbeliever.
Hence the comedy section.
One of my profs in undergrad called me a masochist because I was taking 2 of his classes in one semester (for fun too, I just needed a few more credits to graduate). So, I guess I'll find out. ;) *lol*
Reminds me of the masochist who loved a freezing cold shower in the middle of winter - so had a hot one.


Masochist: Hit me
Sadist: No
Do Atheists go to Heaven?

Copyright Dresden Codak
Oh this was funny. I laughed pretty hard at this. Good one!
Only if god is a goddess decked out in leather and stiletto heels, and you beg really really good!
I used to be into sadomasochism, beastiality, and necrophilia, but then I realized I was beating a dead horse. :D
"Whip me, beat me, hurt me... make me write bad checks and call me a naughty potato."

Frau Farbissina has to figure in here somewhere.


First, tell me if you are a masochist or a sadist.


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