I am already struggling trying to put myself back out there, and now that I am in my 30's and am trying to date in that age range- I find that everyone is ready to have babies. I don't want to bear children. In the area I live in it is hard enough to find someone who will accept my atheism (and rare to find a fellow non-theist) and when I throw in the "maybe I would like to adopt older children some day- I don't want to bear my own"... I may have as well announced that I have a highly contagious communicable disease. Am I being unrealistic? Do I need to just give in and date men with children? Why does this all suck so bad?

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That must be really annoying; sorry that it happens. It's probably a number of factors. Some are just too quick with the mouse, some are just overconfident in their abilities to change a person (meaning that they might like something about you and figure they can make you concede on the issues of kids and atheism, which is of course unrealistic), some are too desperate to care (at that moment but are likely to change their minds later), and some are bots/scammers.

Amazing.  I'd like to ask him for some tips.  I'd love to get any interest at all from women.  I wonder what he's doing to attract them.

interpret that as, "He doesn't want children NOW."

Cuz it's so often true!!!!! Men can "believe" they want no children ever, then at age 50 simply change their mind. That is not a BINDING decision for a male. Whereas for a woman, it is a binding decision. 99% of women cannot change their mind at 50 and have a first pregnancy!

It's a fundamental paradigm for women. Men may easily change their mind, especially when they meet that incredibly hot filly, then they DO want their genes pools to mix!

You know a sure way to convince her that it's NO for real is to get a vasectomy. If you're certain about yourself, why not ease others doubts?
I've said that to Dave! He still hasn't had the snip though, bloody men.
Yeah, kinda proves the point right, they feel a little less male without the option to procreate, and such a binding decision is scary, even if it 95% reversible, LOL.
Women have about 20 years to change their minds, men have their whole life.
Different strokes (pardun the pon) for different folks!

I accept that some men TRULY feel they have NO desire for kids EVER, for now. ;)
hi hi hi
I can just see you :)

Ugh.  From my early teens right up to my early-thirties people always gave me the ol' "You'll change your mind when you get older."  Well, bullshit; I'm 36 now and I still don't want children.  I want them even less than I did before because a majority of my friends are older, don't have kids (or only have grown kids) and I love having the freedom to just randomly go away or stay out late at night. 

Case in point - this past weekend - on Wednesday, I realized that I had plans to be 40ish miles from home Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, so I emailed the friend hosting one of the activities and asked to crash on her couch.  I was gone from 6PM Friday to 11PM Sunday; can't do that with a kid.  Oh, and the conversations we often have are not appropriate for children; we are not "wild" or anything, but we open discuss sex, piercings that small children should not know about (today we discussed why a "Prince Albert" has that name), and the wild pasts of a few of our crew.  Heck, the females of the crew often embarrass the males talking about our boobs or underwear issues.

Don't let the nuttiness of all the married couples having kids talk you into 1) getting married soon or 2) having kids because that is what is expected of women in their 20s or 30s.

I like my life the way it is. I do not want kids. I'm told I would make a great dad, but I just do not have the yen to have puppies of my own.
Yes, we do exist. And I have dated women too who feel the same way.
Thank you guys! Trying to date is already so hard, and rejection sucks, I at least need to hold on to my beliefs and realize I am not alone. The Nexus is great for that!
I do not want and do not have children. I like my freedom and children cost too much money.

However, I never say never because I want to leave the door open if a woman falls in love with me and she wants to have children.


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