Internet trolls thrive on bullying, generating outrage, creating fake conflicts, violating community standards, and kicking books out of the hands of nerds in the hallway.   They, like gods, cannot live without attention.  The attention that sustains them, is outrage.   And just like gods, and Tinker Bell, if you don't believe in them, they fade away.


If a troll happens to respond to this topic, even here, it's best not to respond to it.  I forget whether the person who starts a topic can remove responses, but if so...  that could happen.  Meanwhile, you can talk about the troll, but not actually respond to it.


I don't now what's up with admin.  Regardless, this is the best atheist site on Ning or any other network.  The annual troll visitation will pass, things will settle down, and the sun will shine again.



Actual unretouched photo taken of a troll.  Via

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Susan, could you say more? I don't see a connection with the first part of your sentence and the last, as Daniel appears to.

Pat, I wouldn't feel bad about not addressing his issues.  Seriously, how many times in your life have you run into this type of person?  I'm sure you have seen this countless times before.  For me, every time I have an encounter, I recognize their modus operandi right away and I know that engaging with them is futile.  People like him are not going to change their views after having a conversation on an internet forum.  They need some serious intervention in order to change the way they view the world.  

They need some serious intervention in order to change the way they view the world. 

But conversation and the internet is serious intervention.

And if someone's mind were changed, it would not be by calling them names such as "troll" and otherwise putting them down.  That only makes them defend their position with insults.  They get more like trolls the more they are insulted. 

Carl you are right.  He clearly didn't learn anything.   Google search - looks like he has also posted on another forum and was quickly dealt with.  Also here.   Hard to say from the cryptic content.

And here - close to what he put onto Nexus, including the Avatar.   I haven't compared.

Yes, Daniel, saw those other websites when I Googled him after he first posted here.  He's the classic internet troll who is not open to discussing anything rationally.  His only motivation is to spew his hate and rile people up.  He's not looking for any type of intellectual conversation, despite what he may say.    

It was your comment that caused me to search too. I should have credited you to that.

Sadly, when someone is allergic to reason, exposing them to it just makes them have a reaction.

He does fit the troll definition, for certain, and is best dealt with a as such.
Sentient, how do you unfollow someone? And, would you have to be following to unfollow?

k.h., if you have commented on a topic or discussion, below the comment text box is a link to "Stop Following".  Just click that.

That stops following that discussion, not the person per se.  I wish it was possible to unfollow a person.  It also still appears in the activity box.  It just doesn't appear in your email in-basket.

Also, when you receive an e-mail alerting you to a new post, it contains a link to click if you wish to stop following the topic. 

Excellent point! I should have remembered that. Please call my worplace and tell them I need early retirement with disability, for my dementia. Thank you.

Thanks, Daniel. I know who you are talking about and I agree 100%. It should be obvious to everyone that the troll came here to be fed. The blog subject and all of the replies show that.

I would prefer not to feed trolls either and let them starve for the attention they want.  On the other hand, I fully understand the outrage some (myself included) might feel at the presence of such a person as the recent intrusion into Atheist Nexus, as evinced by the general reaction.  While I'm at it, I also want to say this: I have no problem with opposing opinions here; I DO have a problem with blatant racism and bigotry.  The above-mentioned intrusion was characterized by both qualities.  Neither are tolerated by the Terms of Service of Atheist Nexus, nor will I tolerate them.

One current problem as I see it is a recent lack of general supervision as regards A|N, or at least insofar as I can determine.  Whether Richard Haynes is aware of the current situation or not, I do not know.  If flagging such intrusions do not result in a response, writing directly to Richard may become necessary.

The one thing I do know is that I care about Atheist Nexus, and I will not be silent when such incidences occur.



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