Internet trolls thrive on bullying, generating outrage, creating fake conflicts, violating community standards, and kicking books out of the hands of nerds in the hallway.   They, like gods, cannot live without attention.  The attention that sustains them, is outrage.   And just like gods, and Tinker Bell, if you don't believe in them, they fade away.


If a troll happens to respond to this topic, even here, it's best not to respond to it.  I forget whether the person who starts a topic can remove responses, but if so...  that could happen.  Meanwhile, you can talk about the troll, but not actually respond to it.


I don't now what's up with admin.  Regardless, this is the best atheist site on Ning or any other network.  The annual troll visitation will pass, things will settle down, and the sun will shine again.



Actual unretouched photo taken of a troll.  Via

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this is the best atheist site because of the community.  the members make the site, not the other way around.  having said that, it could use a bit more administration.  it seems to be on set it and forget it mode, which works fine most of the time.  we self police quite well around here.  but we can't have white supremicist, Hitler adoring members.  maybe there's a site for psychopathic atheists out there.  if not he should start one.  

There have been several off-shoots of Nexus.  A couple of them are more flashy, and I check them now and then.  Too much glitz and self promotion for me, and when I do check - admittedly not a representative or random sample - the conversations can be pretty inane.  Nexus seems to be more about community and to my mind can be more thoughtful.  I don't agree with everyone and everything but I think there is more "beef".

My feeling is that Nexus is about community, more than anything else, and to me that is a good thing.

More to the point of your comment, there was another Nexus offshoot site started by a true psycho, who used to be on nexus all of the time. You have been here for a while and might remember him.   He wound up banned, and his revenge site took away a few members who liked the no-holds-barred, in-your-face grossness and depravity of the central member, who liked pissing people off.  Even his screen name was a slang term for an activity that is too gross to describe.  He also made threats to various people including on other sites like Pharyngula, and wound up disappearing from internet presence.  For all I know, he could have wound up with cirrhosis and died in his own filth.  Or he's still out there somewhere.  The others who went with him never returned either.  So there WAS a site for psychopathic atheists.  But maybe not any more

Are you talking about Felch?  I was part of his site for awhile.  I have no idea if it is still active, though.

Yes.  I googled on his site and could not find it again.  My reason to bring it up is, if people have a particular agenda and want their own site, they can do that.

"Even his screen name was a slang term for an activity that is too gross to describe."

When am I going to learn that just because I don't know the definition of a disgusting word, I shouldn't go searching for it. I hate you Urban Dictionary!

It's good to be part of a community that knows the difference between "Eeeewwww, that's NOT for me, no thanks!!!" and "You're going straight to [imaginary] hell for that!"

At least we get to define more unquestionably positive things on Urban Dictionary as well, like endorphin walrus and Partnership Culture.

My couple of shekels worth:  

In my experience, ignoring disruptive kids and "adults" works better than anything else I've tried, so I suspect it would work well on Trolls also.

At age 73, I still don't always do that.  It's such a great temptation to respond.

I responded to this latest troll one time, then bit my typing finger, and stopped.  Next time, I'm planning on not responding at all.  However, I will report them, so, hopefully, they will be booted out of our home.

Sorry to hear about your typing finger.  I can empathize.  I ran a splinter into mine, it got infected, swelled and red, and I wound up spending a few hours in urgent care.  After a nerve block, some slicing and scraping and pulling, it seems the splinter is gone or mostly gone, but typing continues to be uncomfortable.

You are right about the temptation.  I sometimes give in to it despite my better intentions.  The spirit is willing but the typing finger is weak.

The initial anger of being trolled so abhorrently has now passed for me.  However, I'm terribly concerned why it's taking so long to have this troll removed.  I don't want the good reputation of Atheist|Nexus tarnished by the mere presence of such people.  That's my biggest beef and concern at this point.  I'm extremely frustrated.  

And Daniel, I love the illustration......oops, I mean photo, that you posted.      

I've seen link spammers and theist proselytizers removed very quickly. Maybe Richard thought that the discussions written in response to the racist had some value? Or maybe he was just away for these few days....

Like Melinda and Carl, I also feel like a "home" of ours was invaded, and I did report the person. I actually chose not to write replies to some of the tangential posts, hoping the discussion would die naturally, with no further attention in the Latest Activity. Since that didn't happen, I do appreciate the strong responses some of you wrote.

At this point in time, as I stated earlier, I'm worried about how it looks to a new member or to outsiders visiting the site for the first time.  I think we have a reputation for being very civil and respectful, and I hate to see that image compromised.  

Does anyone know how the reporting system works?  Do these reports go to Richard or to some other person associated with Ning,.   

Carl, they go to Richard.  I think.  I think Ning is not involved in day to day issues of Nexus.

This also brings up another Terms of Service issue I would like to discuss, but want Richard's involvement.  Not sure what to do about that right now.  I just hope he is not ill, not having some sort of insurmountable challenge, and is simply on vacation or something right now.  I imagine Nexus support is not even close to enough to make a living, he has a family, and other fish to fry, so to speak.  But this issue remains to be resolved.



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