Before anyone jumps on me about not looking up tags, I did a search on "tags" an aalso looked in the faq.  The search just brought up everything that has tags, I guess because the word "tag" in in every post. - not very helpful.  The FAQ states "What are tags?
Tags are key words. They are used to help people search for a certain topic. You add them to your discussions in the place provided. Words may be separated by a comma, and whole phrases may be "grouped in quotes."

My question is do the tags really help with a search?  Or are they just a little ritual that we do to make ourselves feel virtuous? 

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They would if people would use them, and use them properly. Thanks for bringing this up, Daniel.
maybe it just takes a while for them to appear. I added the tag "spiffy search term" to this post, then did a search with this result: "Your search - "spiffy search term" - did not match any documents." I'll try again later. I suspect that google just pulls the term out of the text, so now even if I search on that term, I won't know if it's the tag or the fact that it's now in the text.

p.s. that was a FAST response oh omnpresent omniscient one!
Heh. I wish I was omnipresent and omniscient. I am just sick and ouchy today. Had a tooth pulled last week, etc... etc...

It could well be that it takes some time for them to appear.
It does appear now, but appears to be from the text content in this post, not the tag. Search result copied below.

Do tags actually serve a function? - Atheist Nexus - www ...
Sep 11, 2010 ... I added the tag "spiffy search term" to this post, then did a search with this result: "Your search - "spiffy search term" - did not match ..."

I will add another tag and see what happens, without quoting it in the text.

Sorry your tooth hurts. That's real pain.
If I'd had access to dental insurance years ago, I'd have a lot more more of my teeth left. Thanks for the concern, Daniel.

I'll have to play with your tags.
I try to use a mixture of general and word specific tags in the hopes that what I contribute might turn up in someone's searches.
Heh. Was this on Nexus?
This is the first that I've heard of a Rick Roll. Had to wikipedia it. Now that I've looked it up, I realize I've fallen for it.

I have a perverse liking for some disco, but that one sucks.

By the way, the I searched on the made-up tag term that I added. IT did work, so I guess tags work. Im still not sure they are needed, the google terms search on content of the post as well.




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