Do we need "A Compendium of Atheist Knowledge?" (a bible?)

A single book that defines and references all knowledge of Atheism.

This is a question that has come to my mind over and over and I can't figure out a good answer for it, perhaps you all can help.

Most religions have a some form of main reference book and groups like alcoholics anonymous have their blue book. There are many great authors that have writen about atheism, but if I was a newly outed Atheist I wouldn't know where to start learning about my decision.

In my opinion there should be one single reference, recognized by all Atheists, Humanists, Freethinkers etc, that we all can turn to, filled with lessons for living life, moral rules, histories of Atheism, some simple explanations of how the universe came into to existence, stories to teach to our children, etc.

The humanists have their Humanist Manifesto III, perhaps we can expand upon this somehow.

I know this is going to get flamed by people saying this makes us into a religion, but AA is not a religion (for the most part) and they are organized around a central book of information.

I am stretching here, so please help. Put down your ideas for chapters and content, perhaps we can get something started and compiled here.

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Wiki technology is probably the best format for any such compendium, especially since most people are now turning to the internet whenever they need to learn about something (for better or worse). Additionally, this would create a virtual "book" that is continually updated, refined, and contributed to by a large number of experts, thinkers, and others with a lot of experience in the various topics therein.

Setting up a wiki is straightforward and easier than one might think. Having it hosted online is as simple as getting a site like this one to agree to be it's official sponsor (if desired) or independently hosted to avoid any sense of affiliation. I would be willing to host such a thing, if there was enough interest in making it work. The key is to have enough contributors and good authors, so spreading the word and recruitment is paramount. Additionally, an editor that is dedicated to the task able to do the job effectively is also an important requirement.

Topics other than atheism would be included? Wow, the universe of human knowledge and secular wisdom is a bit ambitious, but I think I see where you're headed.

Interesting concept and something I might be interested in setting up.
Of course, some might argue that this has already been done: Freethoughtpedia.

But if I'm not mistaken, you were thinking of more than just articles about atheism and the fallacies of religion. You were interested in a "life manual" for living as a nontheist, one with an upbeat perspective that doesn't spend half it's time hating and ridiculing believers (however tempting that may be). I doubt that angle has been approached before.
yea that's what I'm thinking "a life manual" or something like the that full of truths, facts and topics related to Atheism. But most importantly a Real physical book.
I would argue every text devoid of or not advocating religion would be part of the compendium, just like every book not about stamp collecting is part of the non stamp collectors lexicon.
Well, I'm not going to flame you, but I think trying to link all non-theists would work against us. One of the main ideas that most non-theists subscribe to is the independence of thought and opinion. If we had a centralized text, that would exclude those who disagree with some of its ideas. One of the greatest things about the non-religious community is its variation in thought. Not all of us agree, and that makes us diverse and progressive.

I think there should be more resources for the non-religious, but I don't think a centralized text would be the best solution.
I really can not agree with having a main reference book for atheists. All atheism is is a rejection to a claim, it is not a group or organization. Why make a set of moral rules for atheists to live by when the only definition to being an atheist is the rejection to the belief in gods. There are many different types of people who label themselves as atheist, who would have conflicting moral rules and lessons for living life. I am an atheist and a vegan for moral reasons, I do not expect other atheists to adopt a vegan lifestlye because I feel it is a more ethical choice.




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