Aberingi's long-running topic entitled "Do we need a Universal Atheist Symbol?" leads me to ask "Do we need a Universal Atheist Motto?".

Well, perhaps we don't, or perhaps we could, but some theists might get deservedly irritated if we chose to use something like "In Darwin we trust" at appropriate moments.
These words, suitably translated into other languages, have a basic international atheist appeal with respect to truth and helpful anti-theist sabre-rattling and debating.
e.g. they might look good on the side of a bus/ coach.

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Huh. "It's down to us" and "it's up to us" mean the same thing.
It's especially up to us when it's down to us.
Jason and Glenn. I'm down with that :)

I don't think atheists need a motto, but I do think humanity needs a mission statement. It could answer the "why are we here?" question with something other than "To serve the Lord."

Here is one I wrote long ago. It is too long for a mission statement, but collectively we could edit it and whittle it down to the size of, say, a biblical proverb so even the religious could understand it. Here goes:

As humans, we will make responsible stewardship of the earth our highest priority. By not fouling our beds, we will provide an environment where our children’s children can survive, thrive and strive to discover and explain all there is to discover and explain.

We will set a date in the near future where upon such date, and forever forward in time, all claims of previous transgressions between peoples of different nations and peoples within nations will be forfeit, all claims to be the chosen people of any deity will be abandoned, and every gun, bomb and bullet will be recycled. We will move on.

Until it comes, we will not pine for, plan for, wait expectantly for or rejoice in the end of our time because some ancient text tells us rapture awaits us. We must prepare for a long and sometimes difficult future. We must plan to survive--together.

We will apply our best and brightest minds to the efforts of alternative energy, global food distribution, the transportation infrastructure, waste and resource management, medicine, our environment and to discovery—on every frontier.

We have accomplished much despite the distraction and destruction of hating and killing one another. Imagine what we could accomplish without it.
I like the Monty Python formulation: "[T]ry and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations."
And yet I can't help but imagine the Monty Pythons using these sound words as a pretext to start bickering over what a 'good book' is.
More probably, something by the illegitimate child of Proust and Enid Blyton. You'd need the MPs to figure out what would come out of this.
Atheism: More time to live with all that god-bothering out of the way.
god-bothering. I like that and think I'll use it!
The father, the son, and the . . . oh shit!
Atheism: For those who love reality and love fantasy, but never confuse the two.

How bout... Atheism: No confusion between reality and fantasy
Happy UnGodly Humans.




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