Aberingi's long-running topic entitled "Do we need a Universal Atheist Symbol?" leads me to ask "Do we need a Universal Atheist Motto?".

Well, perhaps we don't, or perhaps we could, but some theists might get deservedly irritated if we chose to use something like "In Darwin we trust" at appropriate moments.
These words, suitably translated into other languages, have a basic international atheist appeal with respect to truth and helpful anti-theist sabre-rattling and debating.
e.g. they might look good on the side of a bus/ coach.

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I tend to agree with you Quinn, although perhaps if we translated "Slogans make me itchy" into Latin...
I initially agreed with you then I may have talked myself out of it.

So, do you think we should encourage and promote other actions, groups, and philosophies that also lead to an atheist / naturalist conclusion?

Would secular morality, skepticism, science, individualism, free speech and education also suffer from picking up a motto?

If so, is it that just a critique on the effectiveness of mottos? Or do you think atheism is an exception and why?

I do think we should evaluate if a slogan would even be effective or if it would just be counter productive.
I can see the objection that a motto would just give theists another target, something to pick at or ridicule. On the other hand, they do that to atheists/atheism anyway.
slogans are sloppy
I agree with this completely. I am also concerned about the use of the word "trust" in any motto. As atheists, it is not up to us to trust anyone, whether it is Darwin or the Pope. We derive conclusions based on investigation and research, not because someone we trust told us to reach that conclusion.
I value lack-of-war but that is not a popular outlook all over the planet these days.
More like anti-modernists, I think. They reject the idea that things can be known. Thus giving ammunition to those who like to take things on faith. "Well, since science is meaningless anyway..."
Morons who insist the government/auto industry/the Masons, etc are hiding the evidence/alien bodies/ 300 mpg carburetors, etc ...the list is near endless... are little different from the fundies (and often one in the same). Wacky conspiracy theorist paranoid loons are elevated to the public forum where they contaminate the low information, highly suggestible couch creatures with their base stupidity.
Tolerance for that lot my wrinkled ass - insults and scorn is more than fitting.
In Scientia nos fides sounds ok to me.

I love "Slogans make me itchy", Jason but could not find a latin translation.

Who was it who said that getting atheists to work together "is like hearding cats."?Was it Dawkins? Whoever it was I think he (I'm sure it was a he) was right. They are very independent minded and like to reason things out themselves instead of following slogans or rally cries. Still, I like the idea of bringing them together somehow - perhaps as a political block or lobby group as a counterweight to the religious lobby.

Darwinian evolution can not be proven "wrong", any more than Newtonian mechanics can be proven wrong.

Newtonian mechanics are accurate most of the time, Einstein's special and general theories of relativities filled in a few blanks and expanded upon Newton's work to include more general cases.

All scientific theories are incomplete and are constantly being updated based on new information/understanding.
Exactly, Darwin's theory has already been corrected and updated many of times, that is the beauty of science.
Unlike religions which are never updated based on new knowledge/information/understanding. If they are ever updated it is with new mumbo jumbo.




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