Aberingi's long-running topic entitled "Do we need a Universal Atheist Symbol?" leads me to ask "Do we need a Universal Atheist Motto?".

Well, perhaps we don't, or perhaps we could, but some theists might get deservedly irritated if we chose to use something like "In Darwin we trust" at appropriate moments.
These words, suitably translated into other languages, have a basic international atheist appeal with respect to truth and helpful anti-theist sabre-rattling and debating.
e.g. they might look good on the side of a bus/ coach.

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Happy UnGodly Humans.
I think you need to work out some of the bugs in the Hughmanist platform :P
... huh?

I know puns aren't exactly high comedy, but calling them a provocation is a bit of a stretch don't you think?
As I wrote earlier today, "If you lose at Pascal's Wager, you will spend an eternity herding cats."
"Convince me."
This would invite more door to door xtians.
I like the Missouri state motto: "Show me." Or just, "Prove it."
I like it. I would add "Convince me with historical - not fictional - evidence." Good post!
Above Us Only Sky.

Yep, a line from Imagine by John Lennon.

No skydaddy up there.
It is non-confrontational.
It is the simple, natural, and naked truth.
How about
"People eating the body of Christ
- it's enough to gag a magot."
"Enough of this god-bothering already!"
Glenn, I keep meanin' to ask - what is that on yo chin?




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