I hope we can start a serious disscusion about having one Global Atheist Symbol to identify all the atheists in the World.

The two letters A + T are at the root of more than 80 official languages plus hundreds of unofficial languages or regional languages:

Latest design 2010 ATHEIST EYE ~OJO ATEO:

The original design:

Slideshow of the latest design atheisteye:

Athesitically yours

Jorge Aberingi

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Hi Aberinqi and Jason. I know no harm is meant by the upside down T but I think theists would exploit it by saying Atheists (the A) want to slay theists (the upside down T). I still like the stylish circled A over T.
John Jubinsky: "..... I still like the stylish circled A over T."

This is my preference too--all silver, all black, or with the green T.
I can live with any of those. What can Atheists really do to make a symbol their official symbol?
This is exactly the type of thing that we need. It is positive and upbeat and we need to have this image so as not to fall prey to being scapegoated as malign by the church. It is especially good because it puts the T above the A so that theists cannot say it stands for anti-theism. Also, it has the word atheism in it with the a in lower case. This is modest thereby again protecting it from attacks to the effect that it stands for evil. Also, having the word Atheism in it literally demonstrates that it stands for Atheism and not anti-theism while informing the unknowing of what it represents. Finally, I think the blue on black color coding with the blue again as a shadow in the back gives it a cool and pleasant appearance that provides for it to be entertained nearly preclusively of an accompanying connotation of malignancy. In my opinion this is truly an excellent possibility.
We in the Spanish speaking side, already have over 40 variations of the design. Many of them are very original and are used by groups of over 1000 members and individuals as a logo.

In facebook Logo CyberAteos, for example with over 1.400 contacts. Mainly atheists and anarchists.

Look at the video:


This is the last video to propagate, by Aberingi.

Yo can see here several 2010's designs for the UAS,


I hope you like them.

Here we go again!! Orange, this is a global symbol its application by individual ateists is free and similar to have the United Nations flag, on top of the country flag, on top of the regional flag, on top of the local flag.

The creation of this universal symbol does not imply, at all, the dismissal of all the atheists symbols that atheists can make freely.

We are not talking about an unique symbol for all the atheists in the world it would too "protestant" to bear :-).

On the other hand, the Catholic church has millions of variations of its cross.

You can have as many keyholders as you whish, when it comes to international solidarity with atheists, just use the A/T symbol to come out on TV and share your atheism all over the World.

Aberingi, atheist and happy :-)

This eye with the hand sticking out of it and the Atheist symbol inside is just what we don't need. It is very very vulnerable to attack as malign.
It is not for public exposure it is for affinty atheists. The message is very clear. Come out of your inner atheist "closet".

I, my self rarely use it. I was trying to make a point to Orange :-)
Atheist Academy !? Library of Knowledge !?

One could almost call 'Atheist Nexus' an 'Atheist Academy' of sorts.
It is full of certain sorts of specialised knowledge anyway.
A new SlideShow by Aberingi. called the ATHEIST EYE Official logo of http://cyberateos.org/simboloateo.php.



Please relax and enjoy the sight. Then tell me what you think.

If you use Google chrome it will translate the site to English =)




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