I hope we can start a serious disscusion about having one Global Atheist Symbol to identify all the atheists in the World.

The two letters A + T are at the root of more than 80 official languages plus hundreds of unofficial languages or regional languages:

Latest design 2010 ATHEIST EYE ~OJO ATEO:

The original design:

Slideshow of the latest design atheisteye:

Athesitically yours

Jorge Aberingi

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You have a point, Kyle.
I believe the American Atheists atomic symbol with the bottom cut off, thus making it appear like a letter 'A' is very close to this idea. I note that it currently has a letter 'A' in the middle. I think I recall that it was not there previously. Is this correct? I liked it as it was.

I would like to see an international atheist symbol, including a design which could be subtly displayed upside down in times of distress. I say subtly, because displaying the British Union Jack upside down would not be noticed by anyone unless they are VERY familiar with the flag, whereas flying the US flag upside down is not a subtle signal at all.

Disclaimer: I am not an atheist, I am an anti-religionist; but I would (and do) wear an atheist symbol - the 'Out campaign' symbol.
I think we should have a universal symbol to help demonstrate that our ideas are subscribed to by many and that we are a large enough and organized enough group to have political clout. However, I do not think it should involve anything negative because negative elements in it would make it too easy to associate wth evil. In this regard I do not even think it should involve an eye because theist could easily call it the evil eye. Even a symbol invovling science might be considered negative because it could be read as a put down to theists. I think the T inside the A in a circle is very good because it is unoffensive and could be read as ATHEIST, or ATOM or A TRUTH. We want to win people to Atheism so I think we need to be careful to not appear unfriendly.
I entirely agree with you :-)


Freethinkers should open their minds.

Neither the red A or the Atom are universal or even represent atheism to most of the people on Earth.

The two letters A+T melted together can be read by more than 80 languages + dialiects. A & T are the root letters for the word atheism in more than 150 idioms, including English and Spanish, the most popular languages in Internet.

The only problem with using latin letters is that Universal Symbol excludes Chines for example... but they can very easily recognise it just as you recognise the Atom or the red A.


Neither the red A or the Atom are universal or even represent atheism to most of the people on Earth.

Why don't you think so?
A bulls-eye perhaps?
Yes you are right a bulls eye :-)


I like the symbol of American Atheists very much, it shows the connection between atheism, science and materialism/naturalism imho.

Yes but... very few million people would recognise the atom as being atheist, nevertheless the proposed Universal Atheist Symbol can be read in more than 80 official languages + dialects. The two letters A + T melted together is a new anagram. The symbol can be draw by a child anywhere.

Please do not confuse atheism with religion. Athesim is a lifestyle, and I am very proud to be ATHEIST!!!.


I very much like this version of the circled A over T. It is very aesthetic. I think it would help capture the interest of non-Atheists. Moreover, it is very positive and upbeat in nature. One thing that I always disliked about a crucifix was that it conveyed that I was to feel sorry for someone rather than do purposeful things. This particular A over T is 180 degrees away from that.
This is very good, Aberingi.

May I invite you to try further experimenting with the A and T sections in various shades of pink and red?
I don't think pink is bold enough. By using blue where the green is we might be able to represent that life developed in and emerged from the sea. Using blue there would also tend to convey a steel appearance for strength. Finally, in my opinion blue would most effectively depict the symbol as pristine. I don't think anything else about the stylish A over T needs to be changed.




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