Do you agree with this statement:"The internet, where religions come to die." ?

I agree but its not a rule it is a factor and it helps you lose your religion.

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A recent survey by Pew Forum on religion and public life says 33 million Americans say they don't have a religion that's one out of 5 Americans.

And Protestants have fallen out of the majority of US citizens, though they remain the dominant plurality.  It would seem that the change is happening.  Slow, maybe not very sure ... but the change IS happening.

One huge benefit of the internet is that young people can think the unthinkable, and then research it.  They can then come into contact with people and ideas not available in their daily lives.  People and ideas which their parents say are alien and evil become commonplace and pleasant, even delightful, upon continued contact.  I suspect some early teens are reading this exchange and realizing that we non-believers are a lot like other people -- and maybe more interesting than most.




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