Do you agree with this statement:"The internet, where religions come to die." ?

I agree but its not a rule it is a factor and it helps you lose your religion.

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It doesn't necessarily help you lose your religion, but it leads you to facts that disprove it. So yes I agree with the statement

Thunderf00t seems to think so.  Over the long haul (and I mean SERIOUSLY long haul), I am not certain I'm inclined to disagree.  The more myth is exposed to fact, the more myth will ultimately lose to fact.  It takes time and repeated exposure, persistence and determination ... but it does work.

Which is why we all must be as determined, as persistent, and as willing to commit the necessary time to the task at hand.

The problem with that, Loren, is that misinformation thrives even better than fact on the internet. Myth, *hah* twitter seems to be a natural breeding ground.

Stipulated, that there is a WHOLE LOT of BS out there on the internet.  Still, we skeptics are a determined lot!  When I take a look at how atheism is represented, particularly on YouTube with the likes of Thunderf00t, DarkMatter2525, and A|N's own Steve Shives, I have confidence that, at minimum, we're holding up our side, and pretty damned well!

Many religions are trying to avoid the Internet, due to the increasing amount of information against them, such as exposing the reality behind Mohammad's perverse actions and the fake heroism attributed to him.  A lot of them are keeping away from it as much as possible.  I've met many Mormons who refuse to own a computer, which started when the Simpsons and other comedies started attacking Joseph Smith and his  fraudulent gold plates.  I've been trolling religious sites, often posing as one of them, like pretending to be a Christian in such delusional sites as "" which supports young earth creationism.

These religions are creating little ghettos on the Internet, where they complain about the real world as sinful and depraved. They continually claim victories in the real world for those that push their faith onto outsiders where there are actually no real victories.  It is all about preening each other and reinforcing their own propaganda so that it seems to them that they are superior and winning the war against the depraved infidels outside their faith.   Many of these sites will not let you in, unless you are also a member of their church or faith.

So I think it would be more to the point to make the statement!

The Internet, where religions hide from reality in shielded enclaves.

Yes, there are very likely theist spies on Nexus, but they are easily picked, they are the ones that get a little angry when I refer to God as the ULTIMATE, EVIL, NARCISSISTIC MEGALOMANIAC.  You can hear their hissing as they type. Though I've proven my comment correct in many arguments, because such evil, narcissistic megalomaniac type deeds and attitude of God's are all through the Old Testament and reappear in "Revelations".  

I suppose it's also safety and reduction of trolls to limit membership to their select group.

Yet, I manage to troll a little, while keeping it within the confines of their belief system.  Just burning the occasional damaged fence posts on the perimeter of their belief system and pulling out the occasional taboo subject.

That can be fun, just to read their reactions.

Atheist Nexus is also a shielded enclave, a little Atheist ghetto. At the moment we claim 27,624 members, but the vast majority of them aren't active members. We count folks who joined and never did anything since. Meanwhile Facebook has 7 billion active members.

   Well, now you have me feeling bad, I've been a member for a couple of years, and I have not posted in awhile, however, I'm always trying to lure people who I can sense are free thinkers, but just have not made the leap. In my everyday life, I do what I can to point out the stupidity of religion, and the atrocities committed in the name of god. (which I refuse to capitalize) LOL.

  Very intresting. That is a good point, how they use the internet to hide and live in their own little dilluted world.

 Well, I wish it was that easy to kill religions, however it does help; as anyone knows countries run by theocracies such as Iran, know the danger of the internet to their brainwashing dictitorial rule.

Not really;

If it wasn't for the use of the internet these wackjobs would have next to no profile. Its unfortunately one of the best designed websites I've seen. They know the Internet and how to use it.

Thriving on the internet.

As people have stated above most people on the internet tend to only go where their preconceptions are reinforced not challenged. Occasionally someone might have their mind opened but thats the exception.

I find it a little ironic to see the most unabashedly Creationist website attacking the very premise of science.. on machines that have only been made possible by the scientific process they so hate.





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