Apparently you can't do polls on here.... but

Do any of you think that Jesus actually existed? What do category do you fall into?

A. Believed he existed, claims are false

B. Believed he existed, claims are exaggerated

C. Don't believe he existed

D. Believe he existed, claims are true (sorry had to leave the idiot category open)

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It doesn't matter much either way in the argument, but I think it is certain that it is B at least.

I don't have much of an opinion becaue there isn't really an intelligent one besides a guess.

I want B to be true because I do like Jesus's teachings. They are eerily similar to Buddhism mixed with Judaism so I speculate that Jesus may have traveled to the East in those 30 years we never hear about.
Or, perhaps they are just teachings of humanity that trancends religion. Anyone with a sense of civility could have written the sermon on the mount.
I'm in between the A and B camps. Depending on what claims you mention I would say some are even true (such as did he actually preach the sermon on the mount, etc).
C. Don't believe he existed
No, of course he never existed. Exisiting Roman records of the purported time of Jesus contain no reference to him, his business, birth, Joseph or his business or marriage, Mary, the apostles or any of the numerous miracles and events purported to have happened. You have to remember that Roman society was much as ours today. Lots of record keeping on all inhabitants (not just citizens as Christians claim), newspapers, journalists, columnists, books and other chroniclers of the times, travel permits, business licenses, birth and marriage recordings, tax rolls and records, crime statistics...etc etc etc...NOTHING regarding Jersus or any of the people or stories attributed to him...NOTHING He is a classic myth and the story has been carefully groomed over the past 1800 or so years.
If he did, I think he would probably be diagnosed today with schizoaffective disorder. The storeis describe mmod swings, long periods of depression and isolation, grandiosity to the max... and of course, severe delusions.
That's a hoot. Nothin new under the sun. I had never heard anyone else talk about the psychology of Jesus.
None of "The Psycological Make-Up of Jesus" contains any of Jesus' writings. The Psycological Make-Up is from Mike, Matthew, and Luthur. They were the ones who brought the myth to life.
OK, Thanks! Sarcasm is difficult to get.
C. Don't believe he existed, for pretty much the same reasons that Ogden Lafaye stated.

I suggest anyone with any shred of doubt about the Jesus of the New Testament being a mishmash of centuries old pagan mythology read "The Jesus Mysteries" by Tim Freke and Peter Gandy.
Since collection of primary experimental data from that time is required for first hand observation, validation, and interpretation of the events, I am not qualified to answer this question or to speculate. Rather I'm going to use a pair (it's like growing a pair) and say I don't know I wasn't there.

NO ONE can reach a consensus on the secondary data either. All we can do is either clutch our bibles or clutch our distaste for religion. Both approaches are not scientific. NEXT QUESTION.



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