Apparently you can't do polls on here.... but

Do any of you think that Jesus actually existed? What do category do you fall into?

A. Believed he existed, claims are false

B. Believed he existed, claims are exaggerated

C. Don't believe he existed

D. Believe he existed, claims are true (sorry had to leave the idiot category open)

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A, most likely. If B is true then Jesus was just an asshole. ('Jesus that man is crazy!' // 'Have no fear, I'll send those pigs off a cliff!')

Also, is too late to add:
G. I don't care.

Whether it's proved beyond doubt that he did or did not exist, I still wouldn't stone adulterers to death and I would still help people who are trouble. Morality and ethics are independent of the existence condition of a man I just don't care about.
Check out Jesus Never Existed at It's a pretty well researched web site. Based on that and other things I've read St. Paul's Jesus is made up out of whole cloth.
I'd have to go with A.I believe that he may have existed as any man would exist.He wasn't no son of a god nor could he do all these magical things which the bible claims.
Please let me know the results of this skewed poll.

How about (E) I think he existed as a myth?

(F) There have been a lot of wars over trying to convert people into believing that Jesus was a real person?

C. Legend not human
I really don't understand the point of this question, because whether he did or did not exists, the greater question is what he represents.

It's like arguing over the existence of Isis or Thor...

If Jesus existed does than give any greater credence to the idea that he was the son of God?

Since I don't believe in God then why would I care if Jesus (the person) existed?

And if you want to float the idea that he was real and really cool, but his true message was hijacked by early Christian leaders... Again, this whole issue means nothing, because you have to get into the the whole idea of a omnipotent force that has, can and/or does intervene in our lives...

Why do so called atheist seem so obsessed with debate over something as absurd as believing in ghosts, the Easter Bunny or Voodoo...
"I really don't understand the point of this question, because whether he did or did not exists, the greater question is what he represents."

I've done a fair amount of research on this for a novel I'm writing and my opinion is that the idea of Jesus the Chris was based mostly on the teachings of a man by the name of The Teacher of Righteousness (we don't know his real name) who was the last true high priest in the Jewish temple ("true" because he was of the line of Zadok and that was a requirement to be the high priest). He was ousted by Jonathon the Macabee and fled to Antioch. Many of this teachings are what we see reverberated in the bible, possibly through a collection of sayings that we now refer to as the book of Q (from Quelle, a German word meaning source).

So, is that B or C - you pick.
Definitely did not exist. I've researched this extensively. I just read "When Jesus Became God" by Richard E. Rubenstein. The 300's saw open conflict between two Christian factions regarding whether Jesus was human and then divine or was God. The Eastern believers saw Jesus as an example of what a man could become. Western believers wanted Jesus to be God and emphasized salvation as something given for belief. (quite simplified summary). Of course, the low IQ faction won...join the club and be saved regardless of what you do. What is amazing is that the head guy for the Jesus is God club was a fanatical violent asshole who had people killed and lied at the drop of the hat to push his agenda. He manipulated the emperors of the time and eventual won through the timely deaths of certain people (mostly not caused by him). When we ask if it really matters what people believe, I see this history lesson as a valid reminder that we have the same wacko fanatics in our military and our society pushing for a state religion that will then victimize nonbelievers. Fanaticism seems to win out being that the vast majority of people are below any grasp of greyness in matters of life. Concrete cognitive operation only allows either/or answers and only 15 to 30 percent of peoplekind are into formal operation. Very scary.
The 300's saw open conflict between two Christian factions regarding whether Jesus was human and then divine or was God.

I was amazed to learn just how many were massacred, on both sides, over the Arian debate.

Jonathan Kirsch gives a good description of this in God Aginst the Gods.

Definitely did not exist.

What led you to the point of being able to say "definitely did not exist"?
Have you heard Michael Weinstein's story?

He was beat up for being Jewish and started a Military Religious Freedom Organization.
Is a page worth looking deeper into.
I told a former Marine Minister's assistant that there is no reason to pray to god that you will win a war because the opponent is also praying to the same god that they will win. Unless you each have different gods to bring forth for war there is no reason to pray. Since you only believe in one god the god you're praying for is the same the other side is praying for so it's awash. But then I suppose you believe that god takes sides in war. Perhaps he wants the other side to be massacred. That's old testament stuff. As a Christian aren't you supposed to be above all this?

The look on his face was amusing as he turned away and told me that I was impossible.





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