Apparently you can't do polls on here.... but

Do any of you think that Jesus actually existed? What do category do you fall into?

A. Believed he existed, claims are false

B. Believed he existed, claims are exaggerated

C. Don't believe he existed

D. Believe he existed, claims are true (sorry had to leave the idiot category open)

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Seeing as how Joe was born right when dip-shit got his due, I'd have to agree.  However, by analogy, I was born right after WWII how much do I know about it?  

Remember, Josephus lived in between Jesus and Christianity.  Apparently, it was a big deal around those parts. Y'kno, the miracles and all.


Seeing as how Joe was born right when dip-shit got his due, I'd have to agree.  However, by analogy, I was born right after WWII how much do I know about it? 

You have great access to the people who lived it though, and that makes all the difference. Ditto for Josephus.

So, you're born after WWII, you start writing at least at 20, gathering information about a war that happened 20 years ago, information from the people who lived in the times of WWII. But that information is subjective, everybody will tell in his/her own way how they've seen the war.

What if one guy tells you to write what he has seen in WWII that Germany exists and Germany started the war, and Hitler was a dictator, and the war happened about 1940, which everything is true, then the guy says that... a German killed his buddy, his name was Tom, a very good man, a British courageous solider, and John lost a lot of blood and he didn't seem to breathe and was put in an ambulance, and the ambulance was found three days later empty and John nowhere to be found, but thus believed that John actually came to life. It is true because Arthur a very serious man who lived in London, Henry a son of  a priest who lived in Manchester, Louis who had a mother having faith in God and who lived in Leeds, and Stanley who was called the Honest and who lived in Scotland were the witnesses. Moreover, those guys lived when Churchill was PM, every history book in England mentions his name. Many people considered Arthur, Henry, Louis, and Stanley lunatics, and idiots, they were even kicked in the ass, one of them , Arthur, I heard that he was killed and I am sure he was killed because he believed that John got back to life, and Arthur has a great faith that John lived, and that gave Arthur a purpose in life..." , and the guy continues to tell you that he also will get alive, somehow, after death... well, the guy cannot explain how, but isn't it nice to believe that there is life after death?

What? Nobody came with a story like the one above? Of course not! We have a lot of methods to verify if your history from that guy is true, unlike 2,000 years ago when only the religious leaders had the monopoly of witting whatever they wanted to make the masses stupid. You still believe what those religious writers wrote so you can live an eternal life, stupid.

BTW if Jesus didn't exist, who was in the Talpiot Tomb?

A guy named Talpiot?

LOL Tom.

Yes, if Jesus was in it, it would be known as the Jesus Tomb.

I think Jesus was tossed into a mass grave and his followers were too lazy to dig his body out from among all the others.

Christians are a bit soft and squeamish!


E.  I don't know and don't care.   If he did exist, he was not god, and did not perform any miracles.

However, my main reason for posting is to see if anyone besides me would like to see a poll feature added to this site.  I asked Richard Haynes about it once and never received a response.

I was on a site that had polls, and I loved it.  You could make your poll either so it revealed who the respondents were, or make it so they were anonymous.  I thought the anonymous polls were the best, because they got more responses, and I think they were more honest.

The talpiot people are OK.  I even donated a few shekels to 'em.  That's something the way the Israeli antiquities licensing people reacted to the whole thing.  As soon as it became apparent that JC himself and fam were labeled on ossuaries -SHUT-IT-DOWN!

They got a couple zillion tons of crete on it now, and they'll probably build a friggin monastery on top of that. But the truth leaked out, that's for sure; for a few moments in time, the truth leaked out!  

Interesting turn of phrase for an atheist.  

Here's one, "If you think humans have souls, are you really am atheist?"

There are no requirements, limitations or restrictions on what you can or can't believe and still be an atheist except you have to not believe gods exist. You can believe in astrology, alchemy, magic, unicorns, leprechauns, satyrs, four-sided triangles, demons, spirits, the easter bunny, a flat earth, souls, and diamonds on the soles of your shoes, etc. ad infinitum, and still be an atheist. There is no fundamentalist wing of atheism. I happen to be an atheist who believes in pantheism. Yes, I know there's a linguistic contradiction there, but get over it.

Gee, Bertold, I'm into pantheism too. I pan every religion and every deity.

Ain't English fun?




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