Do you believe religion has negative mental repercussions?

It appears that extreme religious delusion poses some threat to the sanity of the human mind.

Those who are no longer with religion say that they still have flashbacks to believing in "god", even sometimes talking to "him" when they are lonely, even praying in some sort. I myself no longer do this but the idea of god still drifts to me sometimes... I was with religion for 12 years of my life, it's very difficult to get those ideas out of my mind.

I'm guessing religion possibly has a (likely permanent) negative effect on the human brain, depending on how long the believer stays with the religion.

If you look at folks who are still deeply deluded with religion, they appear to be in some other kind of state than we are, almost as if they aren't entirely sure of what they are saying. It's very strange. In this case, I'm guessing religion does the job it was intended to do - to turn people in tho sheepish followers who do not dare question the validity of their beliefs.

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It's hard to kill an idea, but easier to kill yourself.  Religion CAN (if you take it seriously) make you hugely guilty, and lead you to the most outrageous ends to 'deal' with it.  Over time I believe it can mentally effect you in a negative way because of this really negative view you can have of yourself. 

I think certain aspects of religion; the ethics especially, can be of great value. However, it goes too far when you can't be comfortable with who you are;even with your family or friends, because the bible 'condemns' you for it, even if it causes no harm to anyone.

Pen (of pen n teller) was just on NPR 91.3fm here in flordah
he has a new book and stated his opinion that not all religious folks are nuts
mention of not all wars being religion based as well...


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