Do you believe that most Christians, specifically, cannot accept others beliefs?


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         Most Christians are either fraudsters or idiots, that's all..............Folks !!!

I think christians are pikers when compared to fundamentalist muslims.  They're willing to KILL in case of apostasy ... and they HAVE.

@Tim Service that's a keeper.
Damn auto correct.
Tim l meant. Lol Loren. Great minds and all that...

That one, sir, is a KEEPER. [and there appears to be an echo in here!]

Well, when one considers that Christianity eschews rationality as a basis for sound judgement, where does one suppose that anything other than Christian approved thought would become accepted.

So often mainstream Christianity reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek, in that it rapes other cultures of their ideologies and resources, reinterprets scientific principals to suit Christianity’s “perfection” and demand’s you to “comply” because “resistance is futile” against Christian mentality. And I definitely think these “Borg” are rapidly assimilating not only our political system as a whole but are constantly attempting to do the same with our educational system as well.

In fact, considering Gene Roddenberry was an atheist, I find myself wondering if the comparison isn't just coincidental but rather more of a form of allegorical symbolism of what he might have thought of Christianity as a whole.

Well, I guess we'll never know.

David, I question your use of "mainstream."  To me that's Catholic, Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, even Northern Baptist.  I don't see them as the enemy -- at least not to the same degree as Southern and Independent Baptist, and other fundamentalists.  Maybe it's because my family's split on religion/agnosticism but fully (with one branch as exception) accepts the world as science has found it to be.  These people I can work with.  

Southern Baptist, and independents, are the worst.

Southern Baptist, and independents, are the worst.

Yes, and Mormon’s (racial/LGBT bigotry), Jehovah’s Witnesses (medicine, rape), Roman Catholic’s (pedophilia),  Presbyterians (molestations).
In all honesty I think all religion is bad, but I also know there are members of all religions who are much more liberal about their faith. Those are the ones I find myself getting along with better.

It's true that a fundamentalist christian only accepts their own view. They claim differently but you know the truth here if you have ever been on the inside. The Pentecostals think that they are the only ones who "have the full gospel." Outwardly they claim that others will "make it to heaven" if they are sincere, but privately they are the ones who have the full gospel. Rather than see how lame this is and dismiss christianity totally they keep hanging on to it.

This is why my posts often say "we finally made it to heaven. All 26 of us."

Yes, Michael; they are the ones I call "Small-Heaven Christians."  Their heaven has a very high fence around it, and encompasses maybe a few hundred people.  And there are dozens -- no, probably hundreds -- of these groups.  I really find it difficult to see them as very bright.




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