Do any of you ever wonder if there are some believers on here poseing as non theists just to see what us "lost souls" are up to? Just wonderin'.

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Very well could be.
Even if they are, what difference would it make?  As long as they're not trolling, the worst that happens is they hunker down and run for Answers in Genesis or Ray Comfort for some comfort after reading about why their beliefs are false.  The best that happens is they actually start to realize why their beliefs are false and eventually come to legitimately belong here anyway.  Either way, if they're not actively trolling, I don't think it matters much.

Were did u come up with that idea? - maybe YOU'RE the spy!!!

Aaargh the paronoia!!!!

Hey, paranoia is fun! You get to dress in cool camouflage outfits and wait for nonexistent people to attack you. LOL
Lol! It just popped into my head. What can I say? I was bored!

I don't think anyone paranoid and sanctamonious enough to think that keeping tabs on us is a priority would have the self-restraint not to troll and prosyletize.

Not sure about this forum, but certainly on others it was obvious that seminarians were using the discussion as a training facility. And then there were the fake atheists - "historians" claiming religion had no role in "the dark ages"  - quite the opposite, giving the church credit for advancing science! And then, like the holocaust deniers, those who claim the Inquisition was greatly exaggerated!

There's no liar like a religious liar.


I hope that there are Christians who read this site.  It might start a process of thinking in their minds that will eventually lead to their deconversion.
Never crossed my mind. It's possible. If they do, hopefully they come to terms with the fact that theism is false.
Its very possible, but that's ok because this site is a great way for them to understand that we're not soul sucking monsters.

I'd bet on it.  There aren't many boundaries to crazy. 





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