Do any of you ever wonder if there are some believers on here poseing as non theists just to see what us "lost souls" are up to? Just wonderin'.

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Yep. Yep That's about right.

you mean paying attention

they should be


I'm reminded of the episode of "King of the Hill" in which Dale Gribble says to a couple of guys dressed in black suits "be quiet, you never know when they are listening".  One of the guys responds, "Sir, we are 'they'."
I imagine there are.  Of course, if they are here, they may be questioning their own faith.  I only have a problem with them if they troll.  Sometimes, I  think   the angry theist whom needs to have confrontations with atheists is the person on the edge of de-converting like the closeted gay that hates the openly gay.
Their subconsious is probably trying to use the atheists as an antiviral drug.

Absolutely, which is why it's a good idea not to put your real address into the member map. It's still not a big concern for me though.


Religion is a business. As a business they would be at a loss not knowing what atheists talk about. 





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