Do any of you ever wonder if there are some believers on here poseing as non theists just to see what us "lost souls" are up to? Just wonderin'.

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Agreed.  I have seen them do this sort of thing in real life, so I would not at all be surprised to see them do it in cyberspace.  In fact, this medium allows them to do it with greater ease, so I think it is even more likely that they would do it here.
I'm part of the Atheism - Stack Exchange and we have our share of theists who stop by to get their asses kicked. I have had some interesting exchanges but my opponents were not disguised. I doubt they could ever hide their true beliefs since they have a cartoon view of atheists and would be discovered very rapidly. I think I could pass myself off as a theist quite easily just by spouting platitudes.
Maybe, but they would be easy to see through I imagine.
And who knows they may learn something... Like the truth !
Maybe this is something that I'll come to understand and appreciate after bring here a while, but I don't see it as a good thing that we ban theists from doing their business here. I for one am in no danger of de-de-converting.

Often their acts and attitudes are downright to irrational to be believed and so actually hearing them spout some particular bit of nonsense is t only way to be convinced that anyone would ever even consider anything as ridiculous as that. And they can always simply be ignored. Tho I often enjoy pointing out how irrational and ridiculous they are being.
Unfortunately, some of our members may be in danger of discrimination in real life, so minimizing that possibility by trying to prevent them from being here is justified.  Also, as a long time atheist who has suffered very real discrimination and bullying, I would like to say that I am really fed up with arguing with them or even dealing with them in general.  I learned the hard way that they really are as crazy and immoral as they claim to be--though they don't usually realize that is what they are saying.
That is an absolutely valid point. And on a similar issue could you or anyone explain to me how I go about changing my screen name. I am not currently in a position where I am expecting any theists hit squad to come after me but I wouldn't put anything past them and I would rather not be posting under my real name
I enjoy that theists are not allowed to openly exist on here.  I have to lie consistently about my lack of theistic beliefs on a daily basis, because I enjoy my job and don't want to lose it.  I think keeping this site "atheist only" creates a much more friendly environment for the target audience, and besides: there are other sites where theists and atheists can interact and exchange.  I signed up here hoping to meet other atheistic people in my area.
@Paul. That's sort of the point of the Nexus. A place to meet, hang out, coordinate and discuss without haveing the tireing "arguments". Altho there are plenty of those just between us! Lol!
I think I understand and appreciate this position and all, but still I donot know that banning is best. For instance, I used to post quite regularly on Dawkins' site. It bills itself as "A clear thinking oasis in a desert of irationality" or something similar. I quite felt that it was and I appreciated it for that. I have to live and work w theists of t most sanctimonious and dumb as dirt variety. So after a full day of dealing w them I very much appreciated an oasis and I felt that that site succeeded in that regard quite well.

Anyway, I imagine that our goal here is quite similar and I donot think theists were banned there so I donot see why they should be a huge problem here. Again tho, I am new here, so what do I know.
Not really, because in order to do that they would have to break one of their commandments, which is basically "do not lie". But I wouldn't care if they did, honestly. I come from the mind that they would be challenged, and that's a good thing.
It has been my experience that lying comes rather easy to plenty of theists. It starts w them lying to themselves and than lying to others is not that big of a step.

I think that on some level anyway,plenty of them at least have to know that their b.s is b.s. and that they become more practiced in denial. From there it is easy to deny truth from others.
I once had a gaggle of JW's at my door. Don't recall the exact point of discussion, but when I told them they were flat out lying, they told me it was OK to lie for the Lord.
As they wandered up the street to more fertile ground, I placed copies of a couple of book covers on their windshield - "Forty Years A Watchtower Slave" and "The Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses."
On returning to the car, they crumpled up the copies and threw them on the ground. I guess "Littering for the Lord" is OK too!




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