I used to actively participate in it for a few weeks, but now I'm concentrating on school and I'm just tired of the constant torrent of BS.
I was merely an atheist when I first entered that section, but after leaving, I learned a lot of the arguments from sides, and I came away from it a militant anti-theist.
What forum do you go to to exercise your anti-theism?

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I have been, what a laugh it is.
I only go into the math and science section of yahoo answers.

I do my anti-theism on Youtube, and I pretty consistently dress it up in "lol"s e.g. "lol non-omnipotence".
I've gone to it, but have to be in a fair mood, and with spare time...I find pithy and pity needed to even stomach some of the questions and so many of the answers.
I go to Raving Atheist web site. Try that for some relief in the religion bullshit. There are some very knowledgeable people there and some hilarious ones also. They can tear the christ freaks asses up. Very refreshing.

What forum do you go to to exercise your anti-theism?







I flaunt it pretty much everywhere I go.


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