If your heroes are celebrities or historical figures, also include whether you personally know (as a friend or just a bystander) anyone you consider a hero.

I realized recently that, while there are people I look up to for any number of reasons, there is not a single person I know who I want to actually model myself after.  I know not one person who lives according to the values I believe are important.  I would not call anyone my "hero."  (If this is your definition of "role model," then feel free to use that term as well.  I'm not sure if everyone thinks of role models as people they would actually model themselves after or just as people with some admirable characteristics.)

I can speculate as to why it is that I don't have any real life heroes, but I don't honestly know.  I wonder how common it is.  Is it universally true?  Is it that every person has a unique ideal image?

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I feel Role models or supernatural heros are derived from a religious mindset. Because religion tell you to belive unseen stuff. Take islam for an example, it is considered a duity of a good muslim to consider muhammad as his/her role model. Similarly God is a super hero, he does what ever he want to do. So why dont you try being god?:P

 So idealizing people, and associating heroic stuff to them becomes a trait commen to every single individual who beleives.

Now if you dont believe, then still i think  no one else can be your role model. Every one has totally different and individual personality traits, environment and social structure. I feel its fine to admire people you feel good, but modeling yourself after some one you admire might not be a good idea.



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