Do you hold your tongue in public when faced with the very thing you despise; ignorance and stupidity?

As I traversed the streets of downtown Dallas, I witnessed the very thing I only see in nightmares. A woman stood in the corner of the street, with a sign reading, "Kill the gays! God has no room for them in Heaven! Science is bullshit! Christianity is the only way. God will lead us all to salvation." I can never understand how a woman could blindly follow any religion, it degrades them. Men, on the other hand, have everything to gain. Though equally as ignorant. Anyway, I wondered, do any of you ever speak out against ignorance of this sort? I wanted to but I thought to myself, "These people here are probably as crazy as she is. Some very bad stuff could've been done to me." So I went on my way. But it's been on my mind since I witnessed it.

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It's situational with me.  If I'm doing the Point-A-to-Point-B number and I see something like that, an eye-roll or shoulder-shrug is the most it's liable to get.  Confront me with that crap on my doorstep or other inappropriate venue and the idiot-child will get both barrels, and no, I will NOT be polite about it.  The science BS is particularly egregious, as the protester very likely owes his or her life to science in one aspect or another, even if it is as small as the dose of polio vaccine they took as a kid.

There should be a penalty associated with purposeful stupidity.  Maybe there will be for that one, intended or not.

Great responses, all.

I believe I did intelligently by avoiding the situation. But as Loren stated, walk into my territory and it is on lol.

Nothing is more immature than the way these people act so I do not blame you, booklover.

I just ignore them because you can't reason with these people - trying to talk some sense into them is lost on them.

Ignore them.  Any response by you will be seen by them as validation of their bullshit.   The one's that have come to my door don't stay long and have never returned. 

I have no problem in ignoring them ... IF they stay out of my space.  Should they decide to invade my space and disturb my peace, they will shortly learn that they made a mistake ... one they won't want to repeat.

Almost every time when I'm on my way to or from work, a gaggle of Jehovah Witness's is at the bus/train station ready to hand out their literature and talk about Jesus.  I don't have the time or the desire to engage them, but I do give them an obvious roll-of-the-eyes.  To their credit, they are passive and quiet, so I don't have a compelling reason to initiate any sort of verbal confrontation with them.  

Twenty five years ago when I worked in downtown Chicago, almost daily there was a street preacher with his microphone and amplifier spewing out his fire and brimstone in decibels louder than rush hour city traffic that echoed throughout the concrete and steel canyons.  I was young and in my early 20's.  I never said anything but I remember being utterly annoyed, not just at the message, but at the unnecessary noise pollution.  These days, however, being much more outspoken, I would have no qualms unleashing my wrath on him.  I don't see street preachers with megaphones or microphones downtown anymore.  Perhaps the city has cracked down on their aural assault. 

I ignore them, usually give them the death glare, but I never confront them. But I usually stay pissed off all day and ponder how anyone could be so stupid and worry on how many children are being brainwashed all the time. 

I tend to ignore them for my own safety reasons if out in public. If they bring it to my door it's another matter.

Here's a novel way of dealing with that even in public. You approach the sign slowly and start reading. Then you smile and slowly start to chuckle, backing away as the chuckle becomes a full laugh. Then laughing loudly you run away like a maniac.

Yer evil, Dennis ... EVIL! [chuckle!]




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