My husband sent this to me and I found it an interesting read. I am glad I am Atheist. Who honestly believes this crap! Here is the link to the site. Just click on the PDF link to download the file.

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this made me laugh.
in catholic middle school i'd highlight the parts of the bible i was given that were in contradiction with other passages, needless to say it wasn't received well. why? not because it was full of contradictions and logical fallacies but because i had defaced a book.
No one truly follows Christian doctrine if they did none of them would be left.
When I was taking an interview to obtain my “license to preach” in the “church” (Methodist) I was asked: “What is your main goal in life?”
I answered: “To achieve perfection.”
The reply: “Don’t you think that is a bit unrealistic?”
I quoted Jesus: “Be ye perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.”
When it was observed by one of the board members that perfection was, no doubt, unachievable, I agreed, and stated that is why I believed that the only Christian who ever lived, died on a cross 2000 years ago.
I got my license.
Are you a Christian?
Are you striving for perfection?
That’s a hell of a lot of self awareness to be exercising every waking moment.
Somewhere along the line, western religion (Christianity) has tossed aside that exercise of self control, that constant self examination, the inward eye, the endless introspection that Jesus so eloquently called for.
I believe that atheism eliminates certain obsticles to that human potential.
Even we atheists are remiss if not constantly striving for perfection in our lives.
I love this.




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