I have just begun my 88fh year and I still remember the many times the nuns in those Catholic schools spoke of the happiness of (their) heaven.

I sat there able only to picture myself seated somewhere and watching what was happening on earth. I still want to do that, and I won’t say to myself “I tried to tell them.”

What, if anything, about that prospect annoys you?

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The party goes on without me!

That it does! I know it'll "feel" the same as the time before I was born; I'd still much prefer to stay around, continuing to participate in this thing called life, with a reasonable body and mind. (And not leave behind sad people and unfinished business.)

The sense of "unfinished business" on a personal level. I have that idea of what it will be like in mind now. Chances are that when I die it will actually be much like before I was born.

If you think about it, heaven sucks for Christians. You end up spending eternity massaging God's insatiable ego. The Muslims get all the wine they can drink, 72 vestal virgins who get retreaded hymens and fresh faced boys if that their preference but you have to die killing a bunch of infidels for that deal. I think because deflowering virgins involves blood, that is why pedophile Mo Ham Mad came up with that malarkey. Killing Jahadists is doing them a favor.

Christian heaven is a shitty deal. You deny yourself earthly pleasure for mind numbing boredom. 

I had/have a friend who has suffered greatly since his birth. He was a musical genius who never got to reach his potential. He suffered chronic pain and received bad medical care. He told me and his daughter that if the world suddenly because nice after he dies, it will be because he killed good. It would seem that God took him seriously because he suffered a massive brain bleed due to rotten medical care. He remains in a nursing home and is fed with a stomach tube. 

If God exists and you come face to face with him, kill him.

People feel gypped by life and betrayed and rightly so. Today I am an agnostic because I think could be something and some force that has caused the suffering on earth of all the higher life forms. 

In thisBLOG POST I included a video where a Muslim, Christian and a Atheist meet a benevolent God after they die. The butt kissing reality loathing Christian and Muslim  don't fair so well.  Good beings corporal or otherwise respect honesty.

I'm still very busy and feel responsible for my loved ones; I hope I'll last long enough to finish at least part of my tasks.




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