There are a couple of bands that I really enjoy that are semi-religious. Matisyahu the Hasidic Jewish reggae rocker who constantly, almost exclusively, sings of god and such. Then there is SOJA which stands for Soldiers of Jah's Army, although the lead singer says the name has more to do with roots than religion.

Sublime mentions god quite often, and an early demo was called "Jah Won't Pay the Bills" which could be humorously interpreted in an atheistic way.

Refreshingly, Rebelution sings about keeping intelligent design out of our schools (at least that is how I interpret it; ). Ironically there is also a Christian movement called Rebelution.

Do you listen to bands that sing about god or avoid it like the plague?

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I typically avoid it and any music that is boring, repititious and talks about things I don't care for. god being one of them.
Same here...I actually prefer instrumental music.
I listen to classical religious music, from Bach's Mass in B-minor to Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna. Religious music, art, and architecture may be the only positive things to ever come out of the worship of the deity that isn't.
August Burns Red is one of the most talented metal bands out there. I have mixed feelings about listening to them, since they're so good but also have a lot of christian themes in their music. In concert the singer literally said "Let's worship for this next song." Granted it was at Lifest, I doubt he'd do it at normal venues, but that didn't make it any less awkward.

Here's an example, I love this song musically, but lyrically he's calling out skeptics as hypocrites. Very conflicting. I hate that most metal bands are either christian or satanist. I want some breakdowns just cause they're awesome, not for blind faith in the supernatural.
See to me that's like listining to a song by "insert nonsense rapper here." Where they come up with some really good eletronic beats that really get you moving but the muisc is total shit because he's talking about pimpin hoes, drinkin krystal, and shootin gats. I can't wrap my head around it unless i've had one to many and disregaurd the lyrics.

This inclueds crossover bands such as creed, flyleaf, and evanessence. I really liked flyleaf's album but, I went to a show where she was singing some songs about secular topics then started talking about god this and jesus that. I left due in part to the nonsense of what she was singing about. The show I went to was a secular venue with secular opening bands that didn't even com eclose to any sort of xtian message.
Most (not all) of those metal bands who seem like satanist actually aren't. It's just an act, Marilyn Manson for example, doesn't actually think of himself as the anti-christ or anything close, it was just a character on his album (actually that character spreads throughout three different albums). He was given an honorary title in the Church Of Satan but he has said himself that he isn't even a believer in that, he just likes some of their teachings (even I agree with some of the teachings of various religions, even if I think the religion it's self is a bunch of crap).
I'm a (lousy)vocalist myself, so usually the first thing I attach to with a band is the lyrics/vocals. One of my all time idols is Todd Smith, who sings for two of my favorite bands (El Creepo! and Polkadot Cadaver). He has a way of weaving religious imagery and symbolism into his weird, creepy, effed-up lyrics that I really dig. Another one that comes to mind is Dez Fafara from DevilDriver/Coal Chamber who often sneaks religious tidbits into his songs.

Basically, if you can use it poetically and not make it feel like Jesus is trying to slip me a roofie and rape my earhole in the men's room of a T.G.I. Friday's, then I don't mind it at all. . . . the poetry, that is, not the forced cochlear penetration part.
My cat is named after the original bassest of coal chamber. I feel priviledged to have seen them live on several occasions, one of which slipknot opened for them. But I agree with you. It's not imagry aor references that get me, its the preachy songs, the "worship" songs etc.
i avoid the lyrics(if it's seem religious), but used to listen cool kinda music
Man, you CANT BEAT the lyrical awesomesauce that is this line "What woiuld people think when they hear that im a jesus freak"

JK JK. I grew up being able to ONLY listen to that sort of music, when it was found that I listened to anything else, I was punnished. I can't remember how many times I had to buy my favorite smashing pumpkins album over. I think I saw my mother break more copies of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness then i can count. Im sure I contributed more then my fair share to the rock artists of the 90's. I hid most of the music I listened to at school in my locker. I guess that makes me bitter to the whole christian music scene. I did enjoy some of the musical content, I rather despised the lyrical side of it though.
I went through the same thing. I had to rebuy Nine Inch Nail's Downward Spiral album at least 3 times thanks to the song Heresy (which I still love to this day). Also had to rebuy Silverchair's Frogstomp because of the song Suicidal Dreams (another song I still like to this day, and my mom must have thought I would have killed myself by now because of it lol).
I listen to a lot of country and folk music, much of which has religious themes to it.
Some of it bugs me, some of it I ignore.
Some just goes well with the song.


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