There are a couple of bands that I really enjoy that are semi-religious. Matisyahu the Hasidic Jewish reggae rocker who constantly, almost exclusively, sings of god and such. Then there is SOJA which stands for Soldiers of Jah's Army, although the lead singer says the name has more to do with roots than religion.

Sublime mentions god quite often, and an early demo was called "Jah Won't Pay the Bills" which could be humorously interpreted in an atheistic way.

Refreshingly, Rebelution sings about keeping intelligent design out of our schools (at least that is how I interpret it; ). Ironically there is also a Christian movement called Rebelution.

Do you listen to bands that sing about god or avoid it like the plague?

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I will listen to Johnny Cash sing about Jesus, but not much of anyone else.
When asked shortly before his death if he was a Christian musician, he said, "No, I'm a musician who happens to be Christian."
Of course, I would listen to Johnny sing the federal budget, if it came to that.
Mercy Seat is an amazing piece of music indeed.
A lot of reggae music is religiously inspired and I love reggae. I also like some of the black gospel music (I just ignore the words) A gospel group called The Brothers and Sister did an album of Bob Dylan's music a number of years back - it was great.
They standard churchy music, however, is aggressively boring crap.
I like classical music. Basically, anything Bach ever wrote was religious.
I don't think most classical counts because it was inspired by religion, it doesnt have someone singing praise jesus the whole time.
The Air on a G-String isn't particularly religious. The Mass in B-minor can't be construed in any other way THAN religious ... and both are wonderful representatives of the handiwork of Johann Sebastian.

Frankly, in his case, I Don't Care what the words say ... because the words are drowned out in What The Music Says.

Try that one on for size, bright eyes!
Oh, don't get me wrong, I love classical music, I was just stating that I think it doesnt count because it doesnt actually preach a message at you sometimes. The times when it does have words they are typically in another language or drown out by the awesomeness of the music.
Some bands I listen to have written a few songs here and there that mention religious views. Or a concept album about past lives (which was not related to their religious beliefs). When I sang in choir we used to sing some old religious hymns too. It doesn't bother me. If the music is good and they're not pounding me in the face with "get saved praise Jesus blah blah blah" then I don't care. Do I need every song I like to be completely consistent with my opinions?

Are "Christian" bands supposed to write every single song about Christian subjects? That sounds so boring. The whole idea of categorizing a type of music based on what subject the lyrics are about is really stupid (there are other subject-based genres too). Then the musicians are stuck with one subject, and people are encouraged to listen to music based on the lyrics, not the music--and only get into music completely consistent with their opinions.
Genre's do this on a broader scale. Rap and hiphop have the same consistant themes, same for rock, folk, contemporary music.
I listen to a wide variety of music. I grew up in the flower power hippie jesus era. Every once in awhile I find myself singing hippie jesus songs. I might listen to Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash sing a religious song or I might hit skip when those come on. Living in the middle east. I grew to enjoy their music. I am sure some of the Arabic songs I listen to are religious, but since I don't speak Arabic, I don't which ones. LOL!
It's not xtain, but I like that George Harrison (I think) Hare Krishna song, too.
I got the song title wrong. It was My Sweet Lord. Just found a photo of George Harrison. Maybe he WAS the reincarnated jebus.... Wooooooo........




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