Do you listen to songs containing religious content

So I was listening to Marc Broussards "Lonely Night ib Georgia" last night and towards the end of he repeats the word "Lord" about 6 times. In his song "Home" he adds a rendition of a traditional gospel tune called "Wade in the Water".

Now I personally love some gospel tunes when you remove their meaning. These songs by Broussard arent gospel tunes nor intended to be as such. There are many other songs just like them. I hate that it has such phrasing, but I am not sure it is enough for me not to listen if its a great song.

Does that stop anyone else from listening to certain songs?

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Bongo Fury!
I'm a massive Bob Dylan fan, but I simply can't listen to his late 70's early 80's gospel stuff. Real fire and brimstone and quotes straight out of the bible. I guess all great artists gotta follow their muse, but that takes the biscuit!
E Nomine. One of my favorite bands. Tons of Christian religious reference. I think one of their albums is nothing but verses from the Bible. I figure it's like this, I would listen to music about the Lord of the Rings universe just the same as I listen to music about Christianity. The only downside is that a sweet band, a band I like, is helping to legitimize actual belief in this dismal make-believe world.
I loved "Amazing Grace" up until I found out it was written by a slave-trader. I could get behind the first and third stanza, just redefining "grace".




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