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"whats the point" sorry i didn't comment on that. The point is that they are passing out the orgin of species with 50 pages of ID garbage added. And that the actual book is only 250 pages so thay cut out around 300 pages. Just thought if a school from the list was near you you could stop and say hi.
Kirk finally gives a performance worthy of an Oscar! I find it AMAZING they (Xians) can say-with a straight face- that Athiests are being brain-washed! Funny, but I don't remember going to an organized school to be taught non-theism ideas handed down through the centuries in a little book multiple days a week! And to add an unauthorized, much less unneeded preface to a work of science by a person who believes in fairy tales is somewhat...STUPID! I love how the newest attempt at legitimacy by Xians is to drop names of people who all lived in previous centuries and were products of their time. Hey Kirk: Newton and Copernicus considered themselves Xian only because to say different was to be burned at the stake! Now THAT's how to ensure your agenda succeeds....And Sarah, 'douche bag' is soooo understated!
I believe more than two words are necessary to describe Kirk, though I will leave it up to others to get creative.




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