Just came across this "test" you can take to find out if you need god. Just thought it would be a fun exercise to see how you would score..enjoy with sarcasm I know I did. And yes, I am going to hell. I'll see you all there.


"Becoming a Christian is the most incredible event that will ever take place in your life. You have found peace with your Creator. You have found everlasting life! Be assured--God will never leave you nor forsake you. He has brought you this far and He will complete the wonderful work He has begun in you. God knows your every thought, your every care and your deepest concerns."

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Ha! I laughed my ass off.

>>It has already been established that you would be guilty of breaking His commandments. Even if you were able to perfectly keep 9 of the commandments for your entire life -- you have broken the first commandment (Question #8). The First of the Ten Commandments is "You shall have no other gods before me." That means that we should love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength. The Bible tells us that no one has kept this commandment (see Psalm 14:2-3).

That, Mr Anderson...is the sound of...inevitability.....
I looked for that button too but I couldn't find it.
According to the test, I'm Hellbound, and everyone I have ever met are either there, on their way there, or right behind me.
Same here,,but I figured as much.
And people really take this stuff seriously,don't they.
"Perhaps you feel safe because you don't believe in Hell. This can be likened to standing in the middle of a busy highway and shouting, "I don't believe in trucks!" Your belief or disbelief in trucks will not change reality. The same applies in this situation. Your disbelief in Hell will not cause it to cease to exist. "

I can't believe that they successfully proved that there was a hell!! The hell to truck reference did it for me!!! I think I'll like Hell.
er, I actually thought this test was a spoof on christianity, until I got to the end. Hmmmm, these folks are serious?really? I have to beleive that MOST christians don't beleive this nonsense....otherwise, the world just became a scarier place to live - nutcases everywhere....
Yeah, it's Living Waters Ministry, good ol' Ray Comfort and "Way of the Master" and all that, pretty tired stuff really. Really only works on getting a minority of milquetoast Christians to be "better" (in their skewed view) Christians...
Yep......looks like all us cool people are gonna go ta hell. Can't decide if the test is hilariously disgusting or disgustingly hilarious.
Yes it is. Stopped at the bottom of page one about the first commandment cauise there was not a way I could answer it.
You should be ashamed as an Atheist if you don't go to hell.
I only have broken only five commandments? I must be doing it wrong. Guess I'll just go to hell with everybody else. I can bring the bean dip and Twister.




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