Many if not all human societies have origin myths and they differ greatly.

Several years ago a San Francisco-born-and-raised woman told me she is a materialist.

An hour ago a woman who was raised a Jehovah Witness and has left that faith told me the Big Bang story grew from a human need for a beginning. I agreed.

Can you wholeheartedly accept that the universe had no beginning, that it has always existed?

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Bengee, you are defending the BB as vigorously as a man I knew in college defended Catholicism. Are you sure the BB isn't a religion for you?

More insults without facts data or anything new to add to the conversation? seems like that's all your capable of doing isn't it.

I'm doing the exact same thing Aron Ra did with his video's on evolution (the refuting the irrefutable proof of god series he did). I'm doing it for the exact same fucking reason  you obtuse twit. You're really impervious to reality and facts aren't you. This shit really deserves no place in this forum, this forum isn't for fighting against your religious and pseudoscience bullshit. there's other places for that. This entire thread shouldn't be here. This place is where people are supposed to be able to get away from your asinine bullshit holy book.

Whelp, at least we know with you're bullshit your not willing to challenge in any way or actually bother to think about. This garbage deserves no place in this forum. Proselytizing is against the forum rules and you really need to be called out for it, you've dragged this crap into almost EVERY conversation on these forums for months now.

And defending  science is not the same thing as defending a faith based belief such as religion or this bull shit. You kept claiming no one could debunk your holy book, I'm not even through chapter 1 and I've even skipped  a bunch of shit cause I plan on at least finishing before I die.

You aren't going to give this up no matter what anyone says or does, no matter how indefensible your position is. My personal view? don't drag your shit here. Go convert a church to your religion. As for A/N I'm not going to ignore you anymore. I'm not going to be lazy anymore. The people here deserve better than your fucking bullshit.

Also dude, I haven't defended cosmology at all you're being completely dishonest even in your utterly pathetic attempt at an insult. ALL i'm doing is LITERALLY debunking your fucking stupid book. That's it. Piss off

BenGee, thank you for your posts.

Thank you Spud

Debunking Electronic Universe Episode .... wait what the fuck episode was I on again? ...... oh yea, 5

Dark Energy is a name coined in 1998 by the American cosmologist Michael Turner. This invention was required after the introduction of dark matter in order to counter a problem that had arisen from further observations and a subsequent period of great embarrassment.

Embarrassment? really? no dude no one needs to be embarrassed, hell if they were completely fucking wrong about both things there would be no need for embarrassment. The only embarrassment comes in from those who push lies and bullshit and try to sell them as science, honest mistakes and failures are expected in science and its TOTALLY FUCKING OK. We keep working on the problems heading where the evidence leads and learning and growing. EU folks on the other hand sit on their collective arses write utterly stupid error riddled books that are frankly agonizing to read they are so stupid, then claim to know everything, and expect to be taken seriously.

Debunking Electronic Universe Episode 6


This was a ‘great discovery’ for it fitted very well with Zwicky’s idea of dark matter. So together, these two ‘dark entities’ were able to make up the invisible 96% of matter that previously could not be accounted for. No trace of any of this dark stuff has ever been found, even though our best equipment and lots of scientists have been funded to look for it over many decades. It is abundantly clear now that both varieties of dark stuff were invented purely to save the gravity model of the universe 

Ugh anyone remember when people started screaming about "missing links"? yes this is the exact same fucking bullshit recycled and re branded for Cosmology. And just like with evolution when they likely find a way to quantify things to the point even a 3rd grader can understand it, EU folks will STILL be denying science JUST like Young Earth Creationists deny evolution. This is why reading this shit is so fucking annoying, its the same old shit recycled from belief system to belief system. None of these nutters can come up with ANYTHING new. Ever. Frankly its boring, try harder.

Dark energy is called such simply because we are unable to see it. We do not know what it is. Until very recent times we knew little of the universe and we are still struggling to find out more. Slowly we do so as the equipment used improves from time to time. This is also why our knowledge of things changes slowly from already adopted models and why everything seems like the same old shit, but that really isn't the case.

An alternative would be to throw you hands up and declare "god did it" and defend that with "god works in mysterious ways" but science doesn't work that way

Spot on Michael!

Notice in all this time all you've added to the conversation is one link to a asinine fallacious filled website. That's it you linked it a couple of times and EVERY other fucking post you've made has been anecdotal truisms, insults at some of the most respected members of this community, general harassment, and intentional attempts to cause strife and grief for the members of this community. 

I've long thought that you've simply been here trolling for months, eventually if you can't add anything meaningful to  the conversation here, others will see it too. At some point a moderator is going to have to put an end to your nonsense since you have no intention of stopping until you manage to drive everyone away from this site. The community seems to have only two  ways they can deal with you since you have absolutely not reason which can be appealed to. Either they ignore you till you get bored and go away, or they kick you out with a mod ban (which you'll likely just make an alt account to continue trolling everyone). This is what you're doing, and I think its intentional. Even if you honestly believe this rubbish you spread, you're trolling. that much is clear.

I don't really mind engaging you if it means people like John, Joan, Daniel, Russel, and so many  other respected, intelligent, good members of this community can be spared even a little from  your insults and trolling. I only hope this message gets through so people can move on from your asinine shit.

Thank you.

You're quite welcome.

Thanks, Ben.  You're right.  I don't even answer him anymore.  He's mostly just a pain in the ass.



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