I most certainly see the idea of faith, faith itself, and religion as a threat to mankind. It always has and always hill hinder social progress, scientific progress, and the development of any type of peace that may be brewing anywhere on this great and hateful earth.

Call me "militant" or not tolerant but I don't believe religion and faith have a place in a world where there is actual peace and progress.

I do not respect religion or religious beliefs...you wouldn't respect a belief that said it was OK to kill people for not believing something, would you?

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I agree with you....I find belief in religion disturbing and dangerous.
It is kind of scary when you consider the fact that so very many people we share the planet with believe that faith is a good thing; a virtuous thing even. Yeah, it's a threat. A worse threat than a knife at your jugular and a shaky pair of hands that have the unfortunate fate of belonging to a schizophrenic who's waiting for an invisible friend to give them the go ahead.
It depends how one defines faith.

Faith for many is a synonym of trust. In this context it is essential for successful human interaction.

Faith though, in it's religious sense, means something along the lines of "to believe in a pretext despite the absence of supporting evidence and/or reason to hold said believe."

In this second meaning, it invariably restricts curiosity, advancement of understanding and innovation. It is no coincidence that the greatest acceleration in mankind's knowledge and quality of life (at least for those of us in Western Europe and North America) followed the Enlightenment leading us into first deism and then atheism.

Faith may be a source of solace for the individual but it is always negative for the society in which there are many individuals that cling to it. It is a straight jacket on intellectual vigour that needs to be fought wherever it gets a foothold into politics or academia else it will drive us back to the ignorance of the Dark Ages. And whenever it gets a foothold into morality, that is truly frightening.
I agree with you. I most certainly meant the faith that is the bad brother of religion.
Religious people follow authority too easily, which I believe is why the military looks the other way when soldiers get indoctrinated. Fundamentalism often gives license to war, cruelty, global warming, genocide, slavery, cynicism, and racism,
Religious people follow authority too easily...

... whuch makes it so lucrative from a business perspective.
L Ron certainly did. But my concern is how religion creates a culture that fucks up everything else.
Its cos they give up beer and porn
Yes, I believe it is a threat to mankind. I'm starting to think that half of the people say that they believe in something supernatural and in heaven because it is a socially acceptable thing to do. They wouldn't want their neighbors or friends to remotely think that they don't believe this monstrous garbage. That is the half of people who have the intelligence, intellect, or scientific background to think clearly about what they were taught. The other half, like my sister-in-law, are so brainwashed by this crap, and believe so rigorously in that fictitious book known as the Bible, that it clouds their minds.
I couldn't have said it better!
I don't agree that religion in itself is dangerous, if you read the bible or any other religious texts there are some good ideas and as a moral guide it does its job. What I do find frightening are the frankly lunatic and psycotic people who are attracted to it as a means of furthering their own agenda.
Are you serious Karl? You actually believe that religion is not dangerous and that the bible is a good place to get morals from? Have you ever actually read the bible? If you have not go read Leviticus, Deuteronomy just to name a couple, the old and new testament are some of the worst places you could go to get a moral compass from.

Let me ask you a moral question: What is more Moral helping someone in need out of general human concern, or because you think the creator of the universe is going to reward you for it?

I could keep going but I can't because my head hurts right at this moment.


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